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Davin vs Loki - Vegas Battles 131

$ 29.89
$ 34.75

Loki sizes up the mass monster Davin. They flex off and Davin can't stop touching Loki's muscles! Davin jumps on the opportunity to smother Loki in a chest to chest bearhug! After being thrown down Loki counters with a bearhug of his own lifting the 320 pound Davin off the ground. This begins a display of power from both muscle gods! BIG moves including firemans carries, bearhugs, headlocks, leg scissors, full nelsons, and gut punches leave both bodybuilders exhausted. Who has more stamina? Loki surprises the world and LIFTS THE MASSIVE 320 POUND DAVIN IN A HUGE CHOKE LIFT! The big man goes down hard, but is not beaten. Enraged he stands up and lifts Loki over his shoulders before slamming him into the mat. He then brutally uses a torture rack nearly breaking Loki in half! The tension builds and builds as both men struggle for control on the mat. Then in his own incredible show of power, Davin lifts Loki in another vicious choke lift! Loki exhausted resorts to a low blow to weaken Davin before using an over the knee backbreaker to try and end the 320 pound bodybuilder. Loki goes to work beating down Davin stomping on him repeatedly. Davin will not stay down, though! He once again stands and lunges lifting Loki in an excruciating chest to chest bearhug. Standing face to face, Loki and Davin have no intent to stop anytime soon. Using bearhugs, choke lifts, pins, and sleepers they fight to get the win. The ending leaves one bodybuilder knocked out and carried into another room. What for? Who will come out on top and who will sink to the bottom in this battle of bodybuilders?