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Davin vs Scuba - Vegas Battles 148

$ 29.89
$ 34.75


Rookie Scuba scoops Davin up over his shoulders and takes him around the mat! Davin won't be shown up by Scuba and locks in a TIGHT chest to chest bearhug. Scuba moans in agony as Davin squeezes more and more. But Scuba reverses and gets Davin in a full nelson pulling Davin's massive shoulders back brutally. Davin is too big and breaks out slamming Scuba to the mat and stretching him in a banana split. Scuba's groin looks like it is being pulled apart slowly and painfully! 

Davin lets go and lifts Scuba off the mat like a dumbbell. He does some reps and flexes his pump for the camera. Davin uses his power to swing Scuba over his shoulders and does some squats. He spanks Scuba to add humiliation to his pain. Scuba still has energy though, and lifts Davin up in a belly to belly bearhug! But Davin can do it better and when he bearhugs Scuba back, Scuba screams out in pain! Scuba's body is crushed, but he can still use his legs to wrap Davin up! He uses a figure four to shove Davin's face straight into his ass! Davin doesn't fight it much. Maybe he is enjoying it? 

Scuba loses his leverage and Davin yanks him up spanking him and talking trash! Davin throws his victim down and Scuba gets trapped in Davin's standing head scissors. Scuba is losing his energy and Davin begins to dominate!

Will Scuba get a second wind and take down the mass monster Davin? Or will Davin add Scuba's name to another squashed victim? Download and find out today!