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Deadlock vs Phantom - Custom Video Series 174

$ 29.89
$ 34.75

Deadlock's guard is momentarily lowered while attending to a pool gate, providing Phantom with the perfect opportunity to strike. A stealthy approach from behind leads to Deadlock being ensnared in a relentless sleeper hold, rendering him unconscious in Phantom's grip. With Deadlock incapacitated, Phantom boldly proclaims his intent to make him pay for the perceived slight, hoisting Deadlock over his shoulder and marching towards the garage.

Within the confines of the garage, Phantom lays Deadlock out on the mat, swiftly stripping him of his tank top and shorts, leaving both combatants clad in nothing but determination. Phantom's dominance is showcased as he exerts his control, subjecting Deadlock to a demeaning school pin, all the while flexing and reveling in the moment. When Deadlock regains consciousness, a fire of fury is ignited within him, fueled by the humiliation he's endured. The match officially commences, setting the stage for a brutal showdown.

Both competitors are hell-bent on inflicting pain and suffering upon the other, leaving no room for mercy. Their pursuit of victory leads them to relentlessly pursue knockouts and yearning to hear the anguished cries of submission echo through the garage.

Phantom's arsenal is formidable, with his signature knockout moves including an awe-inspiring airplane spin followed by a suffocating sleeper hold, designed to leave Deadlock gasping for breath and on the brink of unconsciousness. Alternatively, a full nelson serves as a devastating means to secure victory, showcasing Phantom's mastery of technique and strength.

Conversely, Deadlock employs a relentless onslaught of submission tactics, favoring a body scissor rear naked choke unleashed from a gravity-defying leap onto Phantom's back. This maneuver exerts a vice-like grip, combining pressure and precision to force Phantom into submission. Alternatively, a vicious leg scissor choke is employed to systematically drain Phantom of his strength, leaving him vulnerable and defenseless.

As the battle wages on, both competitors have their sights set on clinching victory through the strategic application of their favored submission holds. Phantom looks to seal the deal with an excruciating abs claw or a punishing camel clutch, aiming to break Deadlock's spirit and force him to concede defeat. In response, Deadlock's submission arsenal includes an arm trap crossface, a move that wrenches Phantom's joints to their limits, and a bone-crushing reverse bear hug that threatens to crush the life from his opponent.

Throughout the match, the combatants also draw upon a repertoire of favorite moves, including the classic abdominal stretch, the brutal fishhook, the gravity-defying surfboard stretch, the torturous bow and arrow, and the unrelenting crucifix style hold, each employed strategically to gain the upper hand. The dreaded banana split serves as a testament to their agility and flexibility, adding an element of torment to their arsenal.

As the intensity escalates and the match reaches its climax, both Deadlock and Phantom dig deep, summoning every ounce of their resolve. In a heart-pounding finale, a thunderous double clothesline or a bone-rattling head butt serves as the catalyst for a simultaneous knockout that will leave you in sheer silence.