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Dom9 vs Bronco - Custom Video Series 176

$ 29.89
$ 34.75

Warning:  DOWNLOAD NOW to see A SHOCKING ENDING THAT is more humiliating THAN WE ever EXPECTED...


Bronco strides into the camera frame, casting a dark shadow over Dom9 as he flexes his intimidating muscles! With no hesitation, Dom shoves Bronco, but is quickly lifted into a fireman's carry and carried around the mat as if he weighs nothing! When Dom tries to fight dirty, Bronco tightens his grip and squeezes harder, showing no mercy. Yanking Dom across the mat, Bronco sits on his face and squeezes until Dom starts to fade away. But Bronco isn't done yet - he rips off Dom's singlet and slams him into an over-the-knee backbreaker, choking him until he goes unconscious! Running his hands over Dom's pecs, Bronco revels in his dominance before waking him up with a hard punch to the back. But Dom is quickly caught in a head scissors from Bronco, who continues his brutal attack. With each waking, Dom is met with a barrage of painful moves and submissions from Bronco

When Dom fights back and Bronco has an answer for everything Dom throws at him! Dom tries to fight dirty? Bronco fights dirtier...Dom wants to hit Bronco? Bronco hits harder... Will Dom find a way to beat Bronco? Or is this Bronco's revenge for their previous match? It's a clash of titans on the ring! Dom and Bronco are going head to head, with neither one backing down. Each one trying to outdo the other in strength, strategy, and tactics. You'll see unbeatable determination and the desire to emerge victorious. Whoever triumphs, it'll be a heated, thrilling battle to remember!


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