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Dom9 vs Meaty - Custom Video Series 150

$ 29.89
$ 34.75

Did Meaty make a mistake bringing back Dom's dark side?

A poolside altercation leads to a sweaty rematch in the garage! Dom enters wearing his old school Dom Knight leather gear. The premise is simple: First guy to get the other to tap out or pass out 3 times wins. Dom grabs Meaty up in a test of strength. When Meaty overpowers Dom pushing him to his knees, Dom uses a brutal low blow dropping Meaty to the mat! Dom lifts Meaty by his throat and stretches him out in an ab stretch. Meaty decides to play dirty too and low blows Dom! Dom falls into the wall and Meaty smothers him in a rear sleeper hold. Dom fights out but Meaty will not let Dom out of his powerful grip! He uses an inverted surfboard to stretch Dom out before lifting the 210 lb bodybuilder upside down in a bearhug making him tap out! 

Meaty flexes and talks shit. Dom gets up ready for round 2! Both guys lock horns in a hammer lock and fight for superiority. Dom uses a ball claw to win and slams Meaty against the wall. Dom throws BRUTAL gut punches making Meaty scream in pain! He throws Meaty to the mat and kicks him the gut! He uses an impressive figure four leg lock and makes Meaty tap out!

Meaty rocks Dom in the abs with a brutal knee to begin round 3! Dom moans in agony being put straight into a banana split! Meaty uses a full nelson nearly ripping Dom's shoulders off! Dom flexes out locking Meaty's hands on his massive pecs. The muscle worship begins as soon as Meaty gets a feel! But Meaty has not lost focus and quickly puts Dom to sleep with a sleeper to win this round! 

Dom is done playing nice and Meaty is not ready for how dirty Dom is about to get! Dirty moves and a powerful sequence of maneuvers knock Meaty out. Can Dom finish off Meaty and win back to back rounds? Or will Meaty own Dom with two wins against him?