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Eagle vs Johnny Greco - Mat Rats 142

$ 25.95
$ 31.59

The camera starts on Iceman presenting the match. "And now Eagle vs Johnny Greco" Both guys are standing outside on the mat ready to go. They start by comparing muscles with Eagle bragging how much bigger than Johnny he is. Johnny makes the rookie mistake of taking his eye off Eagle while flexing, and Eagle locks him up and takes him down. Johnny shakes it off like he let Eagle get him in that round. He then goes in and takes Eagle down to the mat pinning him down. Both muscle studs start to really get into the mat action and trade off moves trying to inflict pain on their opponent. The action is pretty even until Eagle starts to throw in dirty tricks and grabs an aggressive ball claw on Johnny! After going back and forth, both guys begin to gain respect for the other noticing the size of their muscles and showing their admiration feeling them. That is short lived and the action begins again with the veteran Eagle controlling the pace taking it to Johnny. Using full nelsons, bearhugs, sleeper holds, face first head scissors, No Hold Barred style schoolboy pins, and brutal dirty tricks Eagle wears down his opponent. But Johnny fights back and gets in a few submission holds of his own! Does Johnny Greco have enough left in the tank to come back? Or will Eagle dispose of the rookie and move on to his next opponent?