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Eagle vs Simpson - Vegas Battles 130

$ 29.89
$ 34.75

The tension fills the air as Eagle and Simpson compare muscles as neither man wants to back down. Are they just messing around or do they really not like each other? Pushing and shoving starts to escalate to an all out brawl! Eagle locks in a MASSIVE chest to chest bearhug lifting Simpson's 215 pound frame off the ground. He adds insult to injury and wedgies him repeatedly. Simpson is angered by Eagle playing dirty and slams him down. But Eagle doesn't plan to stop and wedgies him once again. The brawl intensifies even further as both men roll around on the mat stretching and slamming their opponent as hard as they can! Intense mat action is the name of the game and neither wrestler is letting up! Using counters, leg scissors, head scissors, headlocks, sleeper hold, and schoolboy pins the match goes back and forth. Eagle continues playing dirty with wedgies and low blows to gain an advantage over Simpson's power. Gut punches and dragon sleepers come next as Eagle attempts to put Simpson out! While Eagle has evolved into a great wrestler, Simpson is one of the wrestlers in thunders Arena that has real technical experience and he uses it well to counter Eagle's moves! Both men fight each other to the brink of exhaustion. An intense ending leaves one man flexing over his unconscious victim with sweat pouring off of him. "That's how a man does it!"