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Falcon vs Reggie - No Holds Barred 219

$ 29.89
$ 34.75

NEW! Big vs Little -- Reggie: 260 lbs. vs Falcon: 155 lbs.


Falcon is trying to show off his muscles to Reggie, but Reggie just finds Falcon to be a cute little victim! He wraps him up in a bearhug to give Falcon a taste of his superior power! He takes him over and slams him on the bed pinning him down as Falcon helplessly struggles against all 260 pounds of Reggie's muscle. As Falcon continues to fight, Reggie easily throws him to the ground and teabags him to humiliate his little victim! Reggie lets Falcon up and gives him a chance to pick him up but Falcon cannot do it and Reggie throws him back down putting his balls in his face. He flexes while having Falcon in a schoolboy pin. Reggie BRUTALLY cranks on every body part and tosses Falcon around like he weighs nothing! He uses a BIG CHOKE LIFT viciously tearing Falcon apart piece by piece! However, Falcon stays feisty fighting back. He refuses to give up even though he is getting his ass beat. Reggie uses his power and size to pin Falcon down, but Falcon eventually gets a good head scissors locked in on Reggie making him tap out!

When Reggie lets his guard down, Falcon takes his opportunity to return the dirty moves and put his own balls in Reggie's face! Reggie gets infuriated and throws Falcon to the ground before lifting him in a TIGHT bearhug making him tap out! Falcon finally admits defeat but now Reggie wants more payback. He lifts him in a chest to chest bearhug smothering his little victim in his chest! Reggie refuses to have any mercy on Falcon, and keeps locking him up in bearhugs torturing him! Will Reggie eventually let Falcon out of his powerful grip? Or is his little victim destined to break in half or pass out?