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Hawk vs Gohan - No Holds Barred 221

$ 29.89
$ 34.75

Fact of the day: Gohan is Hawk's BIGGEST fan boy! 
⚠️ Muscle Worship Match ⚠️
Hawk stomps into the Thunders house looking MASSIVE! Gohan wants to be locked up with Hawks massive arms to feel his power! Hawk has no problem squeezing Gohan's head with all his might! Gohan's eyes roll back in his head and he is experiencing pure ecstasy! Hawk lifts Gohan up in a massive gorilla press next displaying his power and repping him like a barbell! Gohan is enjoying every second of pain as Hawk puts him through a barrage of moves! GOHAN WANTS IT HARD AND ROUGH! "I love feeling my breath leaving my body" Gohan tells Hawk exactly how he wants it while Hawk accepts his fan boy's appreciation. Hawk chokes the life out of Gohan while Gohan thanks Hawk over and over. Hawk lifts Gohan over his shoulders carrying him around the mat! Both men flex showing just how much bigger Hawk is than Gohan! Hawk chokes Gohan to the edge of passing out repeatedly. Gohan wants to be Hawk's workout toy and Hawk accepts his offer. He uses Gohan repping him like a human bench press. Gohan lies under Hawk while he does pushups just so he can feel Hawk's massive chest over him! Can Gohan handle the power of Hawk while he admires his muscles? Or will this muscle worship session go too far?