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Iron vs Johnny Greco - Bodybuilder Battle 174

$ 25.00
$ 25.95

Rookies Iron and Johnny Greco are standing nose to nose on the mat. "What you got big guy?" Johnny Greco starts. But Iron is having no small talk and simply turns and poses. Johnny Greco looks amazed by the size of Iron, but he still talks smack about how he is bigger and better. The two wrestlers cut the talk and just start throwing straight punches at each other! Iron gets the upper hand and drops Johnny Greco before wrapping his quads around his head and squeezing. He continues a beatdown with Johnny Greco face down on the mat. He allows his victim to stand before kicking him in the abs and dropping him again. More submission holds begin to wear and tear into Johnny Greco in every way. Iron starts to gain confidence calling Johnny a "Little, little man" before he has had enough. He throws a punch then locks Iron up in a tight full nelson. He slams him on the mat and squeezes his chest with a tight leg scissors. A rear sleeper hold continues to drain the air out of Iron. Johnny Greco gets a little too cocky and allows Iron to regroup, and Iron takes full advantage with a chest to chest bearhug lifting Johnny up like a lightweight. He then uses a cheap low blow to take the punishment even further. Each time momentum is gained it seems other other guy gets a second wind. Johnny rallies himself this time and uses a straight punch to line Iron up for a MASSIVE BODYSLAM! He then jumps on top and gets Iron in a brutal camel clutch. Johnny stomps on his opponent before turning his back and Iron gets up and hits him with a gut punch before lining him up and delivering a BRUTAL SUPLEX! He then stomps into his opponent's chest before pec clawing. Momentum shifts again with an intense chest to chest bearhug! He throws Iron down before flexing and showing off for the camera. Iron regains some strength and jumps back into the match. He takes Johnny Greco down and then locks his quads around his head once again squeezing. He forces Johnny to tell him just how it feels being squeezed by his perfectly defined quads. When he doesn't get the answer he wants he lifts him up over his shoulders and bounces his ribs up and down. Neither one of the rookies want to give in to the other and nobody is backing down. An epic choke lift ends the match in a spectacular way. Who will start an early career with a win and who will lose and sink to the bottom of the Thunders Arena roster?