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Johnny Greco & Iron vs Dolf - Bodybuilder Battle 175

$ 25.00
$ 25.95

Iron and Johnny Greco are walking into the mat room when they find a body laid out on the mat. They decide they need to get rid of it and carry it outside. (After removing the nice trunks he has on, of course). When they take  him outside, Dolf wakes up to Iron and Johnny's surprise! A confused Dolf doesn't ask questions and just attacks! Johnny is first and Dolf wastes no time SUPLEXING HIM ACROSS THE MAT! He then tortures him while Iron looks on. Johnny seems helpless against the sheer power of the mass monster Dolf. Iron decides he needs to step in and help out Johnny, but Dolf isn't having it and attacks Iron! Both Johnny and Iron try to take on the enraged Dolf. Bearhugs, full nelsons, camel clutch holds, head scissors, and gut punches leave all three wrestlers on the brink of exhaustion. Will Iron and Johnny be able to tame the wild beast that is Dolf? Or will they regret ever walking into the mat room?