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Karl vs Dom9 - No Hold Barred 203

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

Karl wakes up on the mat after his match with Eagle to Dom9 asking what happened. Dom had the courtesy to change Karl's wrestling trunks to a different pair while he was unconscious, and soon the two start bumping chests. Dom makes the first move locking Karl in a side headlock. That soon turns to Karl trapped in between the massive pecs of Dom on the mat. An epic battle for leverage on the mat leads to Karl on top of Dom. "I like the bondage game. Tie me up!" Dom replies while Karl pins him down. Both wrestlers fight each other with Dom working Karl's head between his massive thighs and Karl trying to lock in submission holds. Dom plays dirty with low blows and No Holds Barred moves and that catch Karl off guard. Karl is infuriated and starts to throw dirty moves back! However, Karl keeps finding Dom trying to cheat with his moves. Karl then takes it to Dom with a massive chest to chest bearhug taking him into the hallway with a great shot in the mirror! He comes back throwing Dom down on to the mat. Now, Dom is riled up and takes Karl down hard. Both muscle studs fight for position until Karl locks Dom's head up between his quads then flexes over him. Dom turns taking Karl down stretching his groin. A break out leads to Karl with a DEEP full nelson on Dom. Karl asks Dom if he likes it and his reply is "I F*CKING LOVE IT!" This sets Karl off. They tie back up starting from their knees. Dom gets on top of Karl with a No Holds Barred Style schoolboy pin and gets a three count! Karl reverses pushing Dom down into a three count of his own! Karl flips Dom over into a Boston Crab hold and makes a mistake by slapping Dom's ass not knowing his reputation. Then it's on! Dom hops up excited and puts Karl up in a fireman's carry and slaps HIS ass! He then throws him down and is in hot pursuit. "Yea Daddy LET'S DO THIS!" The struggle for dominance begins! Both guys flex their muscles and compare sizes. The macho atmosphere breaks down into another tie up. When Karl asks what Dom has, Dom does not disappoint and BITES HIS BICEP! Karl is now really pissed! He throws him down and makes Dom worship his bicep. Karl circles Dom, but he takes him down and sprawls out on top of him stretching while grinding into his glutes. Karl recognizes that Dom is getting off on it and LOSES IT! He fights out and attempts to pin Dom again to end the match. He finds that he cannot get the pin on Dom after many attempts. Dom eventually gets the leverage he wants. Until Karl goes back to his suffocating bearhugs! Dom uses his power to take control back with a fireman's carry. He then goes for the pin on the mat. Karl is not having that and Dom decides to give a chest to chest bearhug of his own. However, Dom is starting to run out of gas quickly. Will Karl be able to outlast the naughty veteran?