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Kuma vs Joey McCoy - Custom Video Series 151

$ 29.89
$ 34.75

Kuma is standing on the mat flexing his biceps and doing different poses. He lets himself and everyone else know how incredible his muscles are and what a stud he is. Joey McCoy enters the room and says to Kuma, "Hey, my girlfriend just told me she is dumping me because she is in love with you now!" Kuma just smirks and replies, "That's right. She spent all last night worshipping me and my perfect physique and told me that she could never stay with an ugly, skinny wimp like you when she can have a handsome, rippling muscle stud like me." Joey is devastated and replies "She's mine! You can't have her!" Kuma only laughs "There's no way you can stop me you pathetic loser. In fact, I am going to use my perfect physique to beat you senseless right now so you never bother her or me again!"

Kuma cocks back and punches Joey McCoy in the jaw, knocking him unconscious! Kuma puts a foot on Joey McCoy's chest, does a double bicep pose and continues his trash talk. A few slaps to the face wakes Joey McCoy up. Kuma then sets in and relentlessly tortures Joey. He uses back breakers, choke holds, sleepers, chin locks, camel clutches, arm locks, bear hugs, Boston crabs, punches to the jaw, and more punishing moves. Kuma continues flexing his biceps and gloats about how incredibly handsome he is and how beautiful his body is and how much Joey's girlfriend is in love with him. A then tortured, half-dead Joey begs Kuma for mercy saying, "I am no match for a real man like you, you can have my girlfriend, just please stop beating me!" Kuma has no mercy to give grabbing Joey by the throat and throwing a knockout punch to Joey's jaw, "If you ever go near your now ex-girlfriend again, I'll kill you!"