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Loki vs Axel - Vegas Battles 142

$ 29.89
$ 34.75

New guy Axel takes the mat and decides to flex off against Loki! He ties him up in a bearhug trying to assert that Loki "doesn't have the skill". But that doesn't last long and Loki counters with a strong chest to chest bearhug of his own. This doesn't phase the rookie as he has a counter of his own lifting Loki up over his shoulders into a fireman's carry! Is the rookie Axel really keeping up with Loki? He taunts the veteran Loki while using move after move on him. However, we all know Loki has a mean streak when it comes to being humiliated! Loki launches a series of gut punches into the rookies abs! He then lifts him up over his shoulders squeezing down before GORILLA PRESSING HIM MULTIPLE TIMES! He then drops the rookie to the mat and mounts him in a schoolboy pin choking him within an inch of his life! ROOKIE LESSON NUMBER 1: NEVER PISS OFF LOKI. And Axel just learned this lesson the hard way! But Axel does have a little fight in him and keeps countering Loki, but can never quite gain an advantage. Loki uses brutal arm locks, gut punches, and head scissors to work the rookie over on the mat

When a sinister smile flashes across Axel's face while he is pinned down, the mood of the match changes. He drags Loki across the mat and locks in a TIGHT headscissors, all while flexing and forcing Loki to flex his biceps. Loki uses his power to fight back and stands up using his massively built legs to squat the rookie up! He drops him down and stretches him out with a brutal SURPRISE MOVE executed flawlessly! WHAT IS THE SURPRISE MOVE? The rookie holds his own as the two wrestlers battle back and forth stretching and pinning each other until they are both completely exhausted! Will the rookie, Axel, be able to use his skill to overcome the size and power of Loki?