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Loki vs Dom9 - Vegas Battles 119

$ 25.00
$ 25.95

Loki and Dom9 have never had a 1 on 1 match before. However, that all is about to change! Loki has always been the top seller and alpha dog around Thunders Arena. Recently, Dom9 took over that spot. Loki is NOT HAPPY about that and made sure that Dom9 was on this trip to Vegas so they can battle it out for the top spot. But this match turned into an all out BRAWL when Dom tries to turn the match into no holds barred! Loki was not having it and things got serious fast. 

Loki begins by addressing the fans directly into the camera. He is pissed that Dom9 is the top seller over him now. He demands Dom9 flex so they can compare muscles. The animosity begins when Dom tells Loki he would sell better if..."he would grab a d*ck or two" When Loki dismisses that idea, the two Thunders Arena top sellers decide it's time to wrestle and they should start with a leg wrestle game. They lay side by side of the mat and lock arms. On a count of three they swing their massive legs up and the struggle is on! Loki fights harder and wins the first round, folding Dom up until he taps out. Loki flexes and Dom is pissed. They lock up again. This time Dom slowly pushes Loki's legs back until he can't hold out anymore and Loki taps out. The score is now 1 to 1. Next round wins. The two studs lock up and swing up their legs. It is an even struggle, but as soon as Loki begins to fold Dom up, He cheats and uses his meat hook hands to dig into Loki's hamstrings. He jumps on top and folds him up torturing Loki's muscles and digging deeper and deeper! Loki fight out and shoves Dom head between his massive thighs face first! He rolls over and gets him in a humiliating position sitting on his face. Loki jumps up, but Dom isn't done and sweeps Loki's leg from under him. He jumps on top of him and turns the match into a pinfall contest. He gets 1! 2! Loki kicks out! Then again...1! 2! Loki shoves Dom halfway across the mat and is coming right behind him to get the pin for himself. He gets on top and folds Dom up...1! 2! Dom pushes out! He isn't having it any longer and runs to lock Loki up in a rear sleeper hold. He has the hold locked in DEEP! Loki fights and struggles to get out, but can't break the hold and passes out. Dom rolls him off (after grabbing a handful of Loki's pec, of course) and slaps the mat with a loud BANG! to wake him up. "YOU WANT ME TO SHOW YOU HOW TO GRAB A D*CK OR TWO?" Dom jumps at Loki and attempts to ball claw him! Loki grips Dom by the wrist and the epic battle starts. When Dom can't out power Loki to get the ball claw, he slams his fist into Loki's abs over and over. Loki has had enough and delivers a punch between Dom's legs instantly taking him down. He then yanks Dom across the mat and repeatedly stomps on him. Then slamming his entire body down on him, Loki takes the action back down to the mat. Trapping his head in the nook behind his knee, Loki attempts to put Dom out. BUT, Dom will not stop trying to get the ball claw. Loki is frustrated..."STOP TRYING TO GRAB MY D*CK!" Dom eventually fights his way out and gets on top of Loki attempting to choke him out before flipping him over and once again going for the ball claw! The two muscle studs battle over position before Dom attempts another route. He lifts Loki up and locks in a brutal chest to chest bearhug squeezing the air out of Loki. He then shoves his heel between Loki's legs. But, Loki can play that game too and returns the favor with his own heel straight into Dom's groin. He lifts Dom up and then returns the bearhug. The two fight with leg scissors and Dom will not give up the ball claw! A frustrated Loki has to take extreme measures.


Dom obviously does not stop and Loki digs his fingers into Dom's mouth pulling his lips and cheeks apart! Dom taps out furiously only to keep trying as soon as Loki lets him go. When nothing else will work, Loki stands and chokes Dom with his foot on his neck! When Dom keeps going...Loki snaps! "I'M SICK OF THIS SHIT! GO FOR MY D*CK ON MORE F^CKING TIME!" He brutally stomps on Dom and then pushes his knee down between Dom's legs while savagely choking him. Will Dom eventually get what he wants OR will Loki regain his top spot in Thunders Arena?