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Phantom vs Deadlock vs Baby Herc - Custom Video Series 179

$ 26.99
$ 31.25


Baby Herc, Deadlock, and Phantom wake up battered and bruised, piled on top of each other with no memory of what just occurred. When accusations start flying, all three wrestlers engage in an intense brawl! Deadlock aggressively attacks Baby Herc's abs while Phantom teams up with Deadlock, mercilessly torturing Baby Herc on the mat. Deadlock turns to face Phantom, and both wrestlers know they must act quickly. Deadlock hoists Phantom up in a chest to chest bearhug, causing both of them to crash to the ground. In a moment of desperation, Phantom manages to secure a deep rear naked choke on Deadlock. Baby Herc strategically waits for his moment before joining the fray. He leaps up and wraps his bicep around Phantom's neck, tightening his grip. Herc then quickly transitions into a full nelson, further punishing Phantom's shoulders. But just when Phantom seems trapped, Deadlock re-enters the fray and adds to the mayhem with his own head


 Torturous 3 way wrestling keeps the pace intense! When one man thinks he has the match won, another guy comes from nowhere to settle his own score! The real action starts when Phantom gets cocky and decides to one up Deadlock! Herc and Deadlock wrestle over just who will give Phantom a beating! A clear winner emerges stacking the knocked out losers and flexing for the camera! Don't miss 3 TIMES the action! Download NOW! Get ready to push yourself to the limit with not one, not two, but THREE intense wrestling matches featuring Phantom, Deadlock, and Baby Herc! Each competitor brings their own style and skills to the mat, creating a thrilling and unpredictable experience. Just when you think one wrestler has the upper hand, another swoops in to shake things up. Find out who will come out on top and dominate the competition. With three times the action and three times the excitement, this custom video series is a must-watch for thrill-seekers and risk-takers. Don't wait, download now and join the action!