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Stallion vs Joey McCoy - Vegas Battles 126

$ 25.00
$ 25.95

#1 Best Seller July 2021

Content Warning: Viewer Discretion Advised
Violence & Language
(no wrestlers were seriously hurt in the filming of this match)

Stallion is resting on the couch in a Las Vegas villa. Joey McCoy is thanking Stallion for letting him come hang out with him. When McCoy puts up his feet in Stallion's face he gets annoyed. Then when he puts them on his table, Stallion gets even more annoyed. Stallion has had enough when McCoy argues back and grabs him by the throat easily lifting him in a brutal choke lift! He then puts him upside down hanging off his back and sits down. When McCoy won't apologize, he threatens to slam him down on the table center piece, which is a gold spikey ball (it does NOT look soft). McCoy still continues to disrespect Stallion and now Stallion makes the decision that he will teach McCoy a painful lesson in respect! He shoves McCoy between his massive thighs in a head scissors. McCoy cannot fight out, but will also not admit to learning any lesson from Stallion. This is when the punishment gets even more intense! Stallion easily lifts McCoy off the couch hanging him mid-air on one foot! He throws him down and locks in a standing headscissors while squeezing McCoy's head like a melon. After slamming him face first into the ground, he uses the tiny McCoy as a barbell curling him with one arm. Next, Stallion carries McCoy like a baby outside to the mat. He holds McCoy upside down with one arm and strips his victim down to his trunks with the other. McCoy begs Stallion to stop. Stallion demands McCoy flex. He compares his massively built and defined muscles to the thin Joey McCoy's. He slowly begins to torture his small opponent again. Locking in a side headlock, Stallion flips McCoy over his hip so he can start to slam his face into the mat repeatedly! McCoy is beginning to fade away and you can see the beatdown is starting to work him over. Stallion then steps down on McCoy's legs, and surfboards him up over his head! He pulls him down into a rear choke hold and threatens to slam his head into the marble balcony floor! Stallion uses every torture method imaginable to completely demolish his much smaller opponent. He lifts and tosses McCoy around like his own little boy toy while beating him into the mat over and over. McCoy is battered and bruised and Stallion is completely fresh. He takes his time and enjoys every second of smashing the tiny Joey McCoy. Stallion laughs and smiles while he brutalizes his opponent. Joey McCoy never stood a chance and Stallion holds absolutely nothing back in a dominant squash match.