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Stevie vs Falcon - No Holds Barred 218

$ 29.89
$ 34.75

Introducing the Newest Rookie - FALCON

Stevie locks Falcon up on the mat to test if the rookie has any moves. He gets him in a tight bearhug right away and squeezes the fresh meat lifting him off the ground. Falcon counters and gives a bearhug back showing Stevie this is not going to be an easy win. Falcon is ready and willing to take it to Stevie however he wants and uses bearhugs and full nelsons to show his strength! Reaching between Stevie's legs, Falcon lifts Stevie up in an impressive power move before throwing him to the mat and locking in a schoolboy pin. He humiliates Stevie shoving his face between his legs and rubbing it in! He then flips Stevie over and stretches his back using a Boston crab. At this point, Stevie has had enough embarrassment from the rookie. He jumps up and uses a modified ab stretch to work the rookie over. The match gets intense when both wrestlers really start to go at it! A flurry of counters on the mat has both men sweating and breathing heavy. The intense action leads to the veteran Stevie getting pinned down 1! 2! 3! 

Stevie is laid on the mat while the rookie gloats and flexes. OUT OF NOWHERE, Stevie KICKS Falcon right in the balls! He drops to the mat and Stevie sits on his chest and talks trash before shoving Falcon's head straight up smothering him between his thighs! Falcon counters bending Stevie in half shoving his knees to his forehead before Stevie once again taps out to the rookie! Adding insult to injury, Falcon grabs a ball claw paying Stevie back for his cheap shot earlier. The action goes back and forth with both men exchanging submission and dirty moves. The rookie Falcon holds his own against the more experienced Stevie. Body scissors, schoolboy pins, head scissors, gut punches, ball claws, and sleeper holds flow through the action! Will the rookie, Falcon, show up the more experienced, Stevie? A HOT ending leaves one man passed out under the victor helpless to their next moves.