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Stevie vs Iceman18 - No Holds Barred 212

$ 25.00
$ 25.95

From out of nowhere Stevie jumps on Iceman's back! Stevie refuses to get off and Iceman gets more and more frustrated! When he has had enough he kicks him clear off his back onto the mat. It looks like Stevie begins to get off on Iceman's anger and keeps pushing his buttons. He admires his muscles from the mat. Is Iceman starting to like the attention from his smaller opponent? He yanks him up so he can "feel how strong he is." He lowers his voice and slowly tells Stevie to feel him. He aggressively then lifts him like up going from intimate and liking it to pure domination at its finest. He flexes with his victim on his shoulders. Iceman wants to show off and dominate Stevie and gets him in a schoolboy pin, but Stevie is so excited to be touching on Iceman he won't SHUT UP! Iceman starts to rip off Stevie's blue singlet before riding him around the mat! When Stevie still refuses to shut up Iceman uses a schoolboy pin to smother his face in between his massive legs. Iceman begins to get flustered when Stevie keeps enjoying the spots and positions he throws him in. When Iceman lets his guard down, Stevie uses a dirty move to take him down. He then jumps down into a schoolboy pin flexing in his opponent's face. Stevie's confidence begins to sky rocket. Iceman is annoyed and starts to boss Stevie around like a little brother. He shows him how to flex and makes him repeat after him. He bends him over his knees and spanks him repeatedly getting angrier! An over the knee backbreaker tries to shut Stevie up even further. Iceman uses choke lifts, backbreakers, dirty moves, and BIG lift and carry moves to try and make Stevie into a obedient little boy. The question is...just what will it take?