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Tanner vs Dom9 - No Holds Barred 216

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

Dom9 is excited to break in the new rookie Tanner. They immediately tie up and Tanner surprisingly takes Dom down to the mat and pins him down. Dom wraps Tanner up in a body scissors and begins to squeeze! Tanner fights out but Dom then wraps his massive legs around his opponents head and locks in a head scissors! Tanner counters and flips Dom over gaining the advantage. A back and forth on the mat leads to Dom smothering Tanner in his massive pecs. Tanner goes back to on top before using a ball claw to gain an advantage which opens up the door for Dom! He gets Tanner down and uses a ball claw of his own catching Tanner off guard. Tanner and Dom begin to get sweaty and their muscles pump up! They fight back and forth while also taking the time to worship their opponents muscles! After Dom decides to do No Holds Barred style pushups over Tanner, he decides he wants to fight back dirty! Tanner returns the pushups and adds in another dirty move for good measure! Tanner shows himself to be a strong opponent locking in a TIGHT side headlock! Dom's experience shows and he gains the advantage while also throwing in his patented No Holds Barred style! A battle of body scissors, full nelsons, sleeper holds, and dirty moves exhaust both wrestlers! Dom gains the advantage and begins to toy with the rookie. He uses schoolboy pins while he flexes and talks trash to his opponent. Dom stands up face to face with Tanner and taunts him. Will Tanner take it to the next level and show Dom he belongs in Thunders Arena?