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The Mountain vs Reggie - No Holds Barred 223

$ 25.95
$ 31.25

The Mountain -- 350 lbs. vs Reggie -- 260 lbs. 

Ever dreamed of watching two heavyweight wrestlers worship each others muscles while also destroying each others' bodies? Well...Thunders has made your dream come true!

The Mountain cannot keep his hands off Reggie and wraps him up in a chest to chest bearhug right away! Mountain drops Reggie to the mat and pins him with all 350 pounds! Reggie flips The Mountain locking him down while Mountain grabs handfuls of Reggie's muscle! Both mass monsters trade blows while and the moves get rougher and rougher!

Both bodybuilders get sweatier and start sliding around the mat and over each other! Reggie is not used to being manhandled by a man bigger than him! The Mountain holds him down using a bodyscissors squeezing Reggie tighter and tighter forcing him to admit The Mountain is bigger and stronger! A rear sleeper hold from The Mountain has Reggie fighting for air and on the verge of passing out! His breathing gets heavier and heavier and his eyes roll back....Will he pass out?

Reggie becomes INFURIATED and comes at The Mountain HARD! Reggie is frustrated that Mountain is enjoying beating his ass and is not trying as hard as he is! Both men admit they want to find out just how strong the other is. Next is the largest Bearhug Challenge is Thunders History! Who will win the battle of these Mass Monster Bearhugs?

The match continues and goes further than any match has EVER gone before. You have to see it to believe that Mr. Mike would allow this on film! Download Today and see what happens!