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Tristan vs Dom9 - No Holds Barred 211 Part 1

$ 25.00
$ 25.95

When Dom9 sees Tristan dressed as a "master" he becomes infuriated! He slaps the hat off his head and rips the clothing off Tristan. He pushes Tristan against the wall and gut punches him repeatedly. He makes sure to tell Tristan that he will never be the master when Dom is there. He forces Tristan to call him Daddy repeatedly punching him in the abs and balls. Tristan refuses and Dom gets more and more aggressive. Tristan will not give in, "See what a little bitch you are!" He then says he will make Tristan dress like a little b*tch. He throws him his new clothes and Tristan changes into his submissive gear. Tristan stands up to Dom one more time. Dom rips off his shirt and slams him on the bed before straddling his face and telling him to "make himself useful".  Dom continues to berate and make Tristan beg for mercy. He puts his head between his massive quads and squeezes the air from Tristan. He choke lifts him and throws him to the bed making him flex while he feels his muscles. He bearhugs him squeezing until Tristan stops fighting. He continually ball claws and spanks his victim showing him just who the master is. He pulls him in close each time before locking in a vicious move. How far will Dom need to go to make Tristan submit? Part II gets even more revealing...