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Bolt vs Slash - No Holds Barred 79

Bolt vs Slash - No Holds Barred 79

$ 25.95

Clad in tight white briefs, Bolt shows off for the camera and it’s obvious he’s been hitting the iron!  Slash is no slouch in that area though, sporting an impressive physique of his own!  A lock up and a test of strength sees Slash forcing Bolt to his knees!  Going low, Slash scoops Bolt up over his shoulder before driving his back down over his knee in a backbreaker!  As Bolt crumples to the mat in pain, Slash mounts him, snaking his legs round Bolt’s for a grapevine!  Bolt cries out, begging as Slash flexes above him.  Slash releases Bolt, beckoning him up for another lock up.  This time Bolt gets the advantage, scooping Slash over his shoulders and using him as a human barbell!  “We’re gonna do some squats!” exclaims Bolt as he shows off his impressive leg strength, before dumping Slash to the mat.  Bolt turns him over, clamping on a nasty Boston Crab!  Bolt is incensed after the earlier beatdown – he drops a leg and clamps on a ball claw!  Now all smiles, Bolt flexes as Slash regroups.

They lock up again and Slash takes Bolt down HARD with a Judo throw!  Slash ties Bolt up like a pretzel, cradling his legs and forcing him to kiss his own knee!  We’ve never seen Slash this intense!  Another tie up and Bolt slips under Slash’s arms, manoeuvring him into a devastating full nelson!  Sweat glistens on Slash’s massive pecs as Bolt scoops him up and slams him over his knee.  Slash is in trouble as Bolt drops down on his face for a schoolboy pin!  Bolt is enjoying himself, flexing and posing over the humiliated muscleman!    A cocky Bolt gets up and continues flexing, but Slash isn’t done – he lunges in and picks Bolt up over his shoulders, carrying him around the mat!  “Don’t hurt me!” pleads Bolt, but his plea falls on deaf ears – “I promise nothing.”  Slash throws Bolt to the mat, mounting his back and dragging his meaty forearm across Bolt’s face!  A spladle with added ball grab has Bolt screaming in agony!  Still recovering from the spladle, Slash wraps his muscular quads around Bolt’s body in a crushing bodyscissor!  Bolt is windshield-wipered from side to side as Slash manhandles him.  Bolt is in relentless pain as Slash squeezes!  Slash switches to a deadly and incredibly INTENSE headscissor, his thighs pulsating and quivering as he pours all his effort into crushing the head of poor Bolt!  A single-leg crab has Bolt screaming, but he still refuses to give – Slash adds a crunching ball claw to the mix and Bolt reaches his limit, crying out his submission over and over!

Bolt may have lost the first battle, but the war is far from done!  A fired-up Bolt rams Slash’s head between his thighs before dropping him to the mat in a modified Pedigree!  Bolt stretches Slash out, exposing his abs for some forearm blows before mounting him for another schoolboy pin.  Bolt is enraged, dragging Slash up and slugging in the midsection over and over before – DDT!!!  Slash doesn’t know what hit him as Bolt turns him over into a vicious and vengeful Boston Crab of his own!  Bolt hauls Slash up into another Full Nelson before throwing him aside like yesterday’s news!  Bolt grabs Slash’s arms pulling back and jamming his foot in Slash’s spine before dropping him in yet another DDT!  Sensing victory is near, Bolt plants his foot on Slash’s chest – but Slash lashes out with his hand, grabbing Bolt’s balls and turning the tables again!  Slash ties Bolt up in a grapevine, again attacking his face with nasty forearm drags!  These two are really evenly matched – one of them even throw the other right across the mats!

This one goes right down to the wire, keeping you guessing and on the edge of your seat until the final sleeper heralds the victory.  This is in awesomely impressive outing from both of these wrestlers – add it to your collection today and see for yourself!