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Slash Marco pecs chest abs arms biceps

Slash vs Marco - New Years Eve 2016 (NO HOLDS BARRED)

$ 28.88
$ 31.59

Slash is back and taking on Thunder’s resident Bad Boy, Marco!  Meeting on the mats, not a word is spoken as the two wrestlers immediately lock up, jockeying for position.  Marco slips around going for a rear bearhug, but Slash manages to prevent Marco from locking it on fully and the two topple to the mat!  Marco, in tight blue CK’s, controls Slash on the mat, pressing down and immobilizing him.  Marco cradles Slash’s leg and starts flexing his arm in Slash’s face, but this only gives Slash a target!  Slash grabs Marco’s arm, stretching it out and trapping it – Marco wasn’t expecting this!  Slash uses the momentum to flip them over, getting on top of Marco in the process.  Slash pins Marco’s wrists to the mat and grapevines his legs!  Marco gets an up close and personal view of Slash’s pecs as the returning wrestler slams his body repeatedly onto Marco’s chest!  Slash gets overconfident though, pausing to shoot a bicep flex of his own at Marco – in a turnabout, Marco seizes the opportunity to escape the predicament!  Slash realizes his mistake and gets right back to work, pinning Marco with a small cradle!  Marco is twisted like a pretzel as Slash shows his skill on the mat, using his own leg to hook Marco’s other leg and sealing the package completely!  Neither says a word, but both know that Slash earned that pin!  Both men get to their feet and lock straight back up again!

Again, they go to the mats and Marco decides to increase the stakes with a ball claw!  Slash struggles as Marco gets the advantage, but Slash strikes out with a ball claw of his own!  Now it’s a fight to see whose manhood can take the most punishment!  Both are too proud to give in, so both release and Marco quickly moves around to Slash’s head, sitting on his face and folding him up with Slash’s legs under Marco’s arms!  Marco takes the opportunity to attack Slash’s balls again- in desperation, Slash powers his legs forward, toppling Marco from his perch!  Marco is no rookie though and switches immediately to a skull-splitting head scissor!  Slash struggles hard and eventually escapes, only to find that Marco is still all over him!  A surprise ball claw of his own sees Slash seize the advantage, getting behind Marco and clamping on a choke / scissor combo!  Hard slaps to the chest have Marco grimacing in pain!  Slash moves around, switching the scissor to another grapevine, but Marco manages to throw him off!

The two warily lock up again, this time Marco gets Slash in a perfect bearhug, his forearms digging HARD into the small of Slash’s lower back!  Slash manages to power out and reverses, trapping Marco in a rib-breaking hug of his own!  Marco resorts to more dirty moves to regain control, alternating between ball and pec claws!  Slash retaliates in kind, clawing Marco’s balls and lifting him up by them!  Savage!  As the battle goes on, the tactics get dirtier!  Knees to the crotch, ball claws, pec claws, crushing bearhugs, chokes, face locks, backbreakers – the list goes on!  A vicious, long-held headscissor has one wrestler gasping for breath!  Both wrestlers are experienced grapplers and both can obviously take a mauling, but only one can win!  Will Slash’s return be one of triumphant?  Or will Marco’s bad boy antics get him another notch in the win column?  One thing is for sure, neither wrestler will forget this match in a hurry – get this brutal NHB match today and see who claims the victory!