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Sledge vs BamBam - Bodybuilder Battle 28

$ 34.75

BamBam catches Sledge in the kitchen eating his chicken wings and after an argument, they decide to take it to the mat. Sledge starts out lifting BamBam up in a fireman's carry. but BamBam gets him back when they're back on the mat with a chicken wing - only this one hurts! They take turns using their legs to put each other in body scissors, with Sledge winding up in a handstand with his legs around BamBam's neck before getting slammed back down on the mat!It's a good thing both of these guys are flexible as they wrestle on the mat, twisting each other around like pretzels. Sledge tries to get BamBam in chicken wing and winds up in a boston crab. They tie up for a second as BamBam gets Sledge in a short bearhug before slamming him down on the mat. Sledge picks BamBam up in a fireman's carry again, only to have BamBam pick him up and throw him over his shoulder. After a short shoving match, Sledge bearhugs BamBam for a bit, then drops him on the mat. Sledge picks BamBam up and carries him around for a bit before dropping him onto his knee. Before BamBam can get away, Sledge grabs him in a tight body scissors. With Sledge's legs still wrapped around BamBam's waist, BamBam stands up, picking sledge up and throwing him over his shoulder. When he flips him down onto the mat, BamBam quickly grabs Sledge's arm in an armbar. They wrestle on the mat for a while until BamBam picks Sledge up in a quick bearhug before slamming him back onto the mat. They stay on the mat for quite a while and they seem pretty evenly matched. It's hard to tell who's going to win this one. BamBam gets in a few gut punches while he has Sledge on the mat, but Sledge flips him off of him. They get each other in a mercy hold that looks like Sledge is going to win until BamBam twists his wrist around to take control. Sledge gets out of the hold with knee to BamBam's gut, then grabs BamBam around the neck and flips him over onto his back. He keeps control by not letting go of BamBam's neck, leading him around the mat and flipping him over again before letting go. While BamBam lays on the mat, Sledge flexes for the camera, only to have BamBam give him a quick punch to the crotch, knocking Sledge down and BamBam takes over flexing for the camera. After some more wrestling on the mat, Sledge gets BamBam in a full nelson he holds onto for a while before turning him around into a bearhug. When he drops him on the mat, he leg scissors BamBam's neck and holds it for what seems like forever. While BamBam tries to recover, Sledge goes back to the kitchen and comes back eating one of BamBam's chicken wings. You have to see how the chicken wing ends this fight!