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kid titan sly thunders arena bearhug

Sly vs Kid Titan - No Holds Barred 77

$ 22.99
$ 31.25

Its powerlifter versus bodybuilder in this clash of Thunders Arena stars as the massive and powerful Sly takes on the jacked and shredded Kid Titan. The ill will these two have for one another is immediately apparent, as they quickly begin verbally running each other down. The two muscled up gladiators start things out in the most appropriate way possible, with a test of strength. Sly comes out on top of the first exchange, using the strength he's gained from years of deadlifting and bench pressing to drive Kid Titan to the ground. Not to be outdone, Kid Titan comes out on top of the second exchange, proving that his own massive musculature isn't simply all show. A third exchange sees Sly getting the upper hand, than celebrating boisterously, declaring the superiority of powerlifting over bodybuilding. Still relatively evening matched, the two athletes take things to the ground for an arm wrestling contest. The two struggle and exchange victories back and forth, only adding to their animosity. Sly is the first to snap, sadistically charging Kid Titan and scooping him up into a brutal bearhug followed by an elevated full nelson. Flipping the script almost instantly, Kid Titan scoops up Sly for a bearhug of his own, using his powerful pecs and arms to squeeze the massive torso of sly as the powerlifter actually cries out in pain. A reverse bearhug is next, torturing the agonizing Sly some more. A little pained and winded, the massive Sly is far from out of this contest, grabbing Kid Titan in a huge firmans carry and slamming him to the mat below. Still seemingly evenly matched, these to huge grapplers circle each other, each looking for their next opening. A full nelson from Kid Titan is countered into a full nelson from Sly, who gains an underhanded advantage by violent driving some knee strikes into the side of Kid Titan before scooping him up in another giant firemans carry. Evening the odds with some dirty play of his own, Kid Titan grabs a a vicious underhanded claw hold, stunning Sly and setting him up for a series of submission stretches and a charging spear takedown. Turning things back around, the behemoth Sly tosses Kid Titan across the mat and comes crashing down on him with a flying elbow drop. With neither man in clear control of the contest, the two massive men actually begin to argue about who is actually winning. Another firemans carry slam to Kid Titan puts Sly in control before he mounts his opponent, locking in a vicious arm submission, trying to pull Kid Titans shoulder out of the socket. Fighting through the pain pulsing through his shoulder, Kid Titan charges Sly, scooping him high overhead. Showing amazing agility for a man his size, Sly slides out of the dangerous predicament, trapping Kid Titan in a schoolboy pin, followed by a modified dragon sleeper/dirty claw combo. Refusing to let Sly ge away with such underhanded tactics, the resilient powerhouse Kid Titan grabs a dirty claw of his own, actually LIFTING SLY with the claw hold into a reverse powerslam! Climbing on top of his fallen foe, Kid Titan applies a mounted arm submission before scooping Sly up to his feet for a reverse bearhug. The monster Sly, however, as able to counter into a full nelson, but falls victim to a reversal by Kid Titan into an incredible mounted double chest claw, punishing the massive pecs of Sly. Enraged, Sly flings Kid Titan to the mat, delivering another massive flying elbow. "Now you're gonna feel the squeeze!" he declare, jumping on Kid Titans back to lock in a crushing bodyscissors chokehold combo. Tired of playing nice, the sadistic sly grabs Kid Titan from behind with another dirty claw, this time using it to deadlift Kid Titan up before dropping him over the knee for an agonizing backbreaker/low claw combo, serving only to set him up for the dreaded tombstone piledriver. Can Thunders favorite Kid Titan escape the dangerous maneuver, or will Sly bring things to a violent end?