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Viggo Sly firemans carry takedown lift pecs chest abs thighs

Viggo vs Sly - No Holds Barred 40

$ 31.25

Viggo finds trash near the pool at Thunders arena and hes not happy about it. Sly admits the trash is from a party he threw, without permission from anyone at Thunders. Viggo tells Sly to show more respect for the Thunders Arena house. When Sly admits hes not even sorry about the incident, Viggo shoves him into the pool, fully dressed with his cell phone in his pocket. Sly is furious and accepts Viggos challenge for wrestling match. While Sly goes to dry off, Viggo brags to the camera about how Sly will be no match for him. Viggo takes off his shirt and shorts, leaving him a pair of blue posers and a pair of wrestling shoes. Tough Viggo flexes his amazing body, which has a few days of fuzzy growth, and says hes always ready for a fight. Sly returns in some wrestling trunks, his thick hairy chest and nipple piercings on display. The two big studs go to a mat in the nearby jungle for their match. They each do some posing and theres a bit of mutual admiration. Viggo decides to get the early advantage and surprises Sly with a ball grab. This isnt just a quick dirty shot, but some extended torture. Viggo laughs as Sly groans in pain, telling Sly hes just softening him up a bit. When Viggos done with his sadistic cheap shot, he locks Sly into one of his rib cracking bear hugs, making Sly give twice. Then the tough guy locks Slys arm and neck into a scissors with the iron grip of his powerful legs. Viggo flexes and grins, enjoying his punishment of disrespectful Sly. Sly manages to power out of the hold and puts Viggo into a full nelson, lifting Viggo up and walking around to increase the pain. Viggo gives. When Sly tries to put Viggos arm into a hold, Viggo again goes for a dirty shot, making Sly yell Ahh, you got my balls. Sly only manages to break Viggos painful dirty grip when he lifts Viggo off the mat upside down. The action returns to the mat and Viggo puts Sly into another neck scissors and then gives Sly yet another dirty crotch grab. Grunting like an animal, Sly gets some revenge, lifting Viggo and putting him over his knee for a back breaker, followed by a cradle. Viggo escapes and manhandles Slys head into another scissors, forcing Sly to admit that Viggos got incredibly powerful thighs. Arrogant Viggo calmly leaves the hold in place, taunting Sly with verbal abuse until Sly gives. Laughing, Viggo lets Sly up and asks him if hes going to clean up his shit. To intimidate Sly while he asks him if hes learned his lesson, Viggo flexes his incredible muscles and there are some amazing close up camera shots of his body. Sly insists he can take Viggo and wants another try. Viggo tells Sly that when hes done with him Sly is going to be Viggos maid. Viggo locks Sly in a side headlock and leaves it in place while he asks Sly if hes learned his lesson. Viggo even uses a nearby vine to choke Sly for a while. When he gets bored, Viggo puts Sly over his knee in a back breaker, slapping Slys gut and making fun of his beefy body. When Sly vows to get out of the hold, Viggo laughs and grabs Slys nuts, bragging that hes literally got him by the balls. Viggo even plays with Slys nipple rings to humiliate him some more. When Sly gives, Viggo puts his foot on Slys chest and flexes as he tells him all the things he is going to clean. But Viggo isnt done punishing Sly and puts him in an over the shoulder back breaker, giving Slys junk another squeeze. Viggo leaves Sly in the backbreaker for a long time, bouncing him for increased pain. Sly tries to fight back, but it only earns him more punishment at the hands of Viggo. When Sly finally gives, Viggo says Good, Im tired of kicking your ass and drops him to the mat. This match is cocky, dominant, powerful, Viggo at his best.