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Vinny vs Sly - Mat Wars 91

$ 28.88
$ 31.59

NEW FILMING STYLE!  Imagine if you were the ref on the mat, right NEXT to these two monsters seeing every muscle flex up close and in your face!  that is our new point of view this match we call RMV (Ref on mat view).  ENJOY!

Battle of the Italian Stallions
Sly is on the mat doing push ups. Vinny walks in and sits on his back. "How's that feel? It's 230lbs on your back, gonna break your spinal cord! Come on try and do push ups!" Sly groans in pain while Vinny flexes double biceps. "Can't get up can you?" Sly grunts, groans, and actually lifts him off the ground! He takes him down, but Vinny locks in a tight headlock. "Your biceps are so big!" moans Sly. 
Vinny locks in a SKULL-CRUSHING head scissors, "I'll just sit here admire my abs!" Sly is in agony, "They're like tree trunks!" Vinny goes for a sleeper, but Sly breaks away and pec claws the giant, "Think your big chest is strong!" He applies a leg and arm lock. "I don't care how big these arms are. I'll make everything bend in my will!" Sly wants more punishment and delivers a BANANA SPLIT! "You're gonna break my groin!" screams Vinny. 
Vinny breaks out and GUT PUNCHES Sly. "I'm sick of you!" A head scissor, body scissor, crippling camel clutch, Vinny declares, "Huge biceps, huge traps! I'm gonna destroy you; you're mine!" Surprisingly, Sly recovers and takes him down in an arm bar, pec clawing and worshipping Vinny's pythons!
Sly HAMMERLOCKS both of the giant's arms then a crushing standing head scissors! Vinny headbutts Sly's balls and locks in another sleeper. "Go to sleep. Use my bicep as a pillow!" Sly struggles to breathe and passes out! 
"See how big I am? You wouldn't know cuz you're passed out!" Vinny wakes Sly up, clubs his chest, and stomps his balls. He locks in an STF! "How's that feel? Kiss that bicep!" The giant forces Sly to kiss it then locks in BACK-BREAKING bearhug. "Feel that power and muscle!" Vinny headlocks his victim, "Crush your head like a grape!" "It's so tight!" moans Sly. A ball-busting ball claw helps Sly escape!
"My nuts!" moans Vinny. Sly arm locks and pec claws the giant, "I'll make you give!"  Both exchange RIB-CRUSHING bearhugs as Sly muscle worships Vinny's chest and arms. "Breaking my back!" groans Sly. "Back's gonna be broken. You're gonna need a wheelchair!" Vinny gut punches Sly then chokes him with two hands! "I won't give up!" 
Body scissors, headlocks, ball claws, camel clutches! Which of these Italian Stallions is gonna win, and which one is gonna hear, "Night, night, bye bye to Neverland!"