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Steel vs Hero - Vegas Battles 72

$ 33.33
$ 35.00

Rock-hard muscle and raw power...a battle for the top quickly turns into an all out BRAWL! "I'm taking your spot; you're spot is mine!" threatens Hero standing toe to toe with Steel calling him old news. "There's a reason I'm number one! You see this?" taunts Steel flexing his bulging biceps. A flex off is broken up as Hero charges in with a RIB-CRACKING belly to belly bearhug. Shaken around, Steel groans in pain and is slammed to the mat. Hero flexes in the mirror as Steels sneaks up from behind with brutal gut punches and wraps Hero in a NECK-BREAKING full nelson tossing him down. Struggling to catch his breath, Hero recovers and reaches between Steel's quads lifting him up by his groin as he screams in agony and is SLAMMED on his back! "Old news, old star, you burn out eventually right?" taunts Hero digging his foot in Steel's beefy pecs then dragging him up for a tight full nelson. Angry at the disrespect, Steel flexes harder and harder finally powering out as a sucker punch to the abs has Hero doubled over in pain. Steel wraps the cocky Hero in a guillotine choke, clubs his back, and locks in a SKULL-SPLITTING standing head scissors! The blood rushing from his brain, Hero claws Steel's tree-trunk quads desperate to escape but is pulled down to the mat in the scissors. "These quads are so strong!" screams Hero; his arms YANKED back powerless to break free until he is let go. Steel flexes in victory as a surprise low blow sends Steel crumbling down straight into a grueling armbar/head scissors combo. Hero SQUEEZES as tight as he can; his chiseled muscles glowing red from crushing Steel's skull. Gasping for air, Steel grows limp and passes out in the torturous hold. "Just like that Steel melts!" flexes Hero. Steel soon wakes up battling back with a tight sleeper then WRENCHES Hero's arms back in double chicken wings, "You can't break out of this?" A power struggle begins as Hero groans in pain finally flexing out and challenges Steel to a mercy challenge. Their veins about to burst from the INTENSE pressure, Hero drives Steel to his knees forcing him down on the mat. Completely gassed, Steel is dragged to his feet and lifted in a torture rack SHAKEN up and down as he screams in pain. "You're heavy as steel, but you're not strong as steel!" mocks Hero tossing Steel down. A massive clothesline, over-the-knee back breaker, bodysplash from the couch, and vicious choke-lift ends in a JAW-DROPPING finish! Who will make it out on top?