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Kuma vs Caesar - Vegas Battles 109

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

Kuma is sitting on the couch patiently waiting for his next match, when out of nowhere Caesar bursts in the room. "WHO THE F*CK WANTS SOME MORE?" Kuma happily takes Caesar up on his challenge to go back to the mat. Caesar is bragging about how he has been taking out all the big guys at Thunders Arena. Kuma isn't too happy about all the smack talk and immediately ties Caesar up and tosses him up on his massive bodybuilder shoulders. Throwing him down on the mat, he jumps on and locks in a boston crab hold. Caesar has to show Kuma respect now and the two compare muscles and poses. Kuma is still upset, though. When Caesar flexes, Kuma rushes him and takes the shredded bodybuilder down. He tortures him with holds and then puts his foot on him while he flexes. Caesar is not one to back down and attacks. He grabs Kuma in a savage armbar. Kuma sees that Caesar has some moves now. The two wrestlers lock back up in a test of strength. Kuma easily handles Caesar but a dirty shot is used to take Kuma back down. Caesar then expertly locks in a standing headscissors and flexes for the camera. Kuma is like a bull and keeps coming at Caesar no matter what. He gets him pinned down on the mat and throws strikes into his abs and chest. He then lifts him upside down and drains all the blood of Caesar down to his head. Caesar is unphased and starts doing push ups before launching a surprise kick catching Kuma off guard! He then lifts him in a fireman's carry and drops him on the mat. He then launches his fists into Kuma's chest. In a rookie mistake, Caesar takes his eyes off of Kuma and looks out over the balcony allowing Kuma to sneak back up and get in a head scissors. Caesar counters rolling Kuma on the mat.


Caesar punishes Kuma with a TIGHT leg scissors around his abs and chest, squeezing the air from his lungs. Kuma struggles out and counters with a leg scissors of his own, but he locks in Caesar's head in between his massive quads. Caesar fights out and locks Kuma back up in a arm bar. ALL WHILE PINCHING AND TWISTING HIS NIPPLES! This infuriates Kuma! He climbs on top of Caesar and locks in a serious rear sleeper hold.


Caesar struggles in and out of consciousness until he can get away. But, Kuma is right behind him and locks in his own arm bar. "STEALING MY SPECIAL MOVE NOW?" Caesar and Kuma are both fighting for air when they break apart. A quick flex and Kuma rushes Caesar again. Caesar gets the upper hand this time. Kuma is over getting beat up by a rookie and locks in a side head lock before tossing him down and getting Caesar in a no hold barred style school boy pin. Kuma takes a quick break to admire the view, and also to give the people watching a show by flexing his perfect physique into the camera. Caesar attempts a sneak attack, but is taken down by the more powerful Kuma. Caesar is exhausted and takes his punishment from Kuma. "STAY DOWN! Who said you can get up?" shouts Kuma. Caesar has a trick up his sleeve and distracts Kuma in order to launch at him. He takes the muscle behemoth down and locks in a sleeper hold. Kuma fights out and will not let the rookie keep him down for long. Kuma decides he has had enough and lifts Caesar up in a massive choke lift. He then slams him flat on the mat and keeps his hands wrapped around his throat. Caesar struggles, but will he be able to get out of Kuma's grip?