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Surf Dominic Full Nelson lift and carry abs

Surf vs Dominic - Battlespace 42

$ 27.95
$ 34.75

Thunder's veteran Dominic flexes for the camera saying there's a new wrestler who looks like a football player that doesn't really know how to wrestle. "Don't really know if he should be here! It should be pretty easy." Surf walks in flexing, "Dominic doesn't have a chance. I've been working out, been throwing balls; I'm about to grab some balls!" He calls Dominic a midget. "Lets get this on!" 
They tie up. Surf lifts Dominic in a FULL NELSON. "You like that?" asks Surf. "Just warming up my shoulders," says Dominic. Both roll wound the mat. Surf may be new but knows some moves: a Boston crab, headlock, a MASSIVE rear bearhug. 
The rookie takes the vet down again and YANKS back on his neck and chin! Dominic rolls him over, straddles Surf, and pins his arms down. Surf rolls Dominic over in his own body scissor/full nelson combo. This match is very back and forth!
Dominic picks Surf up in a RIB-CRUSHING rear bearhug carrying him around the mat then DROPS him into an over the knee BACK-BREAKER! They tie up. Dominic lifts Surf in a full nelson then another BACK BREAKER. Both wrestlers begin TITTY TWISTERING each other to break the hold!
Dominic lifts Surf on one shoulder. The rookie escapes and BEARHUGS the vet from behind rollling him around the mat. Surf sits on Dominic's back, YANKS on his chin, applies a full nelson/body scissor combo, and more TITTY TWISTERS!
Surf lifts Dominic in a NECK-BREAKING full nelson then MASSIVE rear bearhug. "How many more you got in you?" asks Surf. "I can go all day!" says Dominic. Dominic picks Surf up in a bearhug then transitions to a FIREMAN'S CARRY before dumping him to the mat.
They flex off. Dominic picks up Surf in RIB-CRUSHING rear bearhug, but Surf cheap shots to break the hold. Both wrestlers end up against the wall in a GUT PUNCH BATTLE! Dominic picks up Surf and BODYSLAMS him. Surf gets a takedown, a cradle, and head scissors Dominic. "I'm gonna ride you like a little horse." Surf straddles Dominic and TITTY TWISTERS him again.
Both lock up in a game of mercy. Surf gets Dominic in a MASSIVE front bearhug SHAKING him up and down. "All those muscles don't mean shit!" Surf punches Dominic's balls. Dominic recovers and CHOKELIFTS the giant in the air! Surf recovers and bearhugs Dominic. "Lets see you get out of this!" Surf CHOKELIFTS Dominic back.
Bearhugs, head and body scissors, back-breakers, Boston crab, and elbow drops! These guys are out to destroy each other! 
"He can't handle this!" says Surf. Dominic LOW BLOWS the giant, puts him in an ab stretch, and TWISTS his nipple. "Is that all you got?" asks Surf. Dominic pulls Surf's legs apart and DIGS his foot in Surf's balls! The vet stands on the rookie's back YANKING on his arms before SLAMMING his face to the mat. "Stay down!" Dominic lays on his back, STRETCHES the giant across his knees, DEMANDING he tap out! Will the giant give up or come back and get his revenge? See it and find out!