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Archer vs Talon - Mat Wars 50

$ 25.95

Archer and Talon start off this match with a contest of pushups, trying to see who’s got the biggest chest and biceps. After they’re muscles are pumped up they go into a flex off, showing their huge muscles. Talon thinks his muscles are bigger, because he has more veins, but Archer isn’t impressed. These guys put on an impressive display of huge muscles all around their body before Talon has had enough and comes in for a bearhug on the unsuspecting Archer. He throws Archer onto the ground and goes in for some excruciating back and arm stretches. Archer doesn’t quite bend that way, but that doesn’t stop him from talking trash about how weak Talon’s stretches are. This just angers him more and he keeps the pain coming, picking him up into a reverse head lock to knock out some of that air. Already having trouble breathing Talon quickly goes for some killer gut punches, then continues flexing while Archer’s recovering on the ground. Archer’s a fighter and not ready to give up that easy, he’s soon back up and after Talon to get some revenge. He knocks Talon around some and then starts to flex himself showing us who has the stronger muscles. Talon comes at Archer from behind and puts him through a round of overbearing body slams and starts choking him out. Archer is pinned to the ground and helpless against Talon’s onslaught. Talon claims he’s just getting warmed up and ready to let the real pain begin. He puts Archer into a head lock with his legs and starts flexing his massive calves to choke him. Still able to talk trash, Talon changes it up to stretch his arms out and tighten his hold on Archer’s neck. Archer’s hanging in there and biding his time until he sees an opening to start attacking back. He finally breaks free and the roles are quickly reversed! Archer’s lightning fast and gets in some quick and painful gut punches before flipping Talon over and taking him into a headlock. Now it’s Talon’s turn to struggle and fight for air. Archer’s pissed and he’s giving him no mercy, he likes hearing hearing Talon struggle for breath after all he was just put through. Talon still manages to escape before he’s knocked out and puts Archer back into a choke hold. Not wanting to take any chances he takes Archer all the way to the edge until he passes out. Archer’s laying there and Talon starts flexing over him, showing who’s the strongest after all. Archer quickly wakes back up though, he’s not ready for this fight to be over. Archer wants his revenge and to choke Talon out as well. These two guys keep going after one another to see who can choke the other one out the most. Will Archer prevail in knocking Talon out, or is Talon going to keep up the domination and flex over a passed out Archer each time?