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Talon vs TAK - Mat Rats 59

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Talon’s getting warmed up in the ring doing a bunch of push ups when TAK walks in, starting his trash talking right off of the bat. He’s heard some good things about Talon and how well he’s been doing here at Thunder’s. TAK isn’t too surprised by his size though, he thought he’d be bigger for all the talk he’d been hearing. Talon offers TAK some advice on how to get himself bigger since Talon is much bigger than TAK. They get into a flex off showing each other their muscles. These guys are just goofing off, trash talking and flexing for each other, they’re checking out the size of their trunks to see who’s got the bigger pair when Talon starts the match off with a wedgie! TAK wasn’t expecting that and makes fun of Talon for fighting like they’re in high school. TAk’s doing some more flexing when Talon comes in from behind to start crushing him in a bearhug. TAK’s out of breath and laying on the floor when Talon starts to throw some gut punches down on TAK. TAK is switching into wrestling mode now, he thought he was just going to get trained by Talon but now he sees Talon is serious. TAK comes in fast to try and take down Talon from the leg, but Talon is able to counter and start crushing TAK in a standing leg scissors. TAK is struggling to breath underneath Talon, so Talon decides to help him out by putting him into a choke hold! TAK’s grunting and fighting against Talon’s huge muscles to get some air but Talon isn’t letting go. He crushes down on TAK’s throat harder and harder, throwing in some flexing in front of his face as well. When TAK begins to break free a little bit he puts him back into the leg scissor’s and stands there flexing for the camera with TAK squirming between him. Talon then throws TAK over onto the mat to get on top of him to crush him so more. He maneuvers TAK into a surfboard and starts to really pull in his arms. TAK’s back is getting an incredible stretch which is making it even harder to catch his breath. After Talon’s had his fun stretching TAK backwards, he throws him all the way across the mat to put him into an excruciating camel clutch. TAK’s upper back has been stretch now it’s time for his lower back and legs. TAK isn’t getting his body worked hard by Talon. Talon is enjoying the easy match and flexing while TAK is struggling on the ground, when TAK comes out of nowhere with a surprise punch to Talon. TAK takes advantage and works himself behind Talon to try and choke him out. He knows he is no match for Talon’s strength so he’s hoping to knock him out quick and easy with the sleeper. Talon’s struggling and fighting to counter TAK, he’s trying to stand up and throw TAK down but TAK’s grip is like iron and Talon’s not quite able to muster the energy. Out of breath and fighting against passing out, Talon finally manages to flip TAK over his shoulder and get free of the hold. Talon’s pissed off now, being manhandled by the lightweight. He’s not happy he came so close to passing out and losing to TAK so he’s going to show TAK some real punishment. How much trouble has TAK gotten himself into? Or will TAK find another way to take Talon out before the match is over?