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Tank goes for an amazing camel clutch sleeper hold in Thunders Arena

Tank vs Vinny - Bodybuilder Battle 99

$ 31.25

It's a true battle of the big men when the massive Tank clashes with the gigantic Vinny in Thunders Arena. The two monstrous men waste no time getting in eachothers faces, trading insults  and antagonizing eachother. Almost right off the bat, Tank shoots forward and scoops Vinnys huge frame into a massive firemans carry before slamming him hard into the mat. Staying on the attack, Tank grabs Vinnys legs, putting him in a painful boston crab submission hold. Tank flexes his bulging bicep before arrogently tossing Vinnys legs down, verbally dressing him down in the process. Seeing an opening and seizing it, Vinny ducks behind and wraps his massive arms around the chiseled midsection of Tank, synching in a powerful waistlock in an attempt to squeeze Tank into submission. Diving down onto his opponent, Vinny grabs Tanks tree trunk-like leg for a knee  bar, twisting and torquing every muscle in the massive leg. As the two monsters continue to roll around the mat, Tank gets Vinny down to his knees and mounts him in a camel clutch position, but ups the ante grabbing a full nelson from this already painful position. Continuing the punishment, Tank locks in a modified figure four leg lock, punishing the long and muscular legs of Vinny. As the two battle out of the hold and back on to their feet, Vinny summons all of his impressive strength to catch the massive tank in a double choke, lifting him high above the ground before sending him crashing dangerously down to the mat. Taking advantage of the damage done, Vinny squeezes Tanks head between his massive thighs, and pulls up on his muscled up arms, trying to pull them out of the sockets while trying to crush his head like a watermelon at the same time. The two modern day gladiators break apart and come together again is a grunting and groaning test of strength. Seemingly evenly matched, they battle back and forth before Vinny manages to hoist tanks muscular frame high up onto his shoulder before slamming him straight down onto the mat below and grabbing him in a brutalizing armbar submission hold, tearing ad the massive bicep of Tank. Powering his way out of the hold, Tank manages to slide nehind Vinny to apply a vice-like full nelson, bringing Vinny down to the mat and transitioning the hold into a rib crushing bodyscissors hold, using all the power he can summon from his gigantic thighs. Locking his ankles together, Tank grabs ahold of the massive arm of Vinny, stretching the shoulder and massive pec of his opponent backwards while he squeezes the breath out of him. Breaking the hold to showboat proves to be an error in judgement, as Vinny capitalizes, lifting Tank high into the air and slamming him hard into the mat again, before positioning himself over Tanks head and ripping at his massive arm in a brutal hammerlock submission hold. Fighting out, Tank turns the tables with a massive double choke lift up his own. cutting off Vinnys air supply before heaving him down to the ground. Vinny soon counter with a massive bearhug before slipping behind Tank to lock in sleeper hold, putting all of his weight on his opponent and riding him down to the canvas, mounting him. Tank counters yet again, this time climbing onto Vinnys back to apply a brutal camel clutch. Despite the massive power of Tank, Vinny violently flexes his massive chest and arms to break out of the hold. Tensions are running high as both men begin violently grabbing for holds and throwing stikes. Tank catches Vinny with a firemans carry slam before getting caught in a gorilla press counter.