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vinny tortures blayne in thunders arena with a sleeper hold

Vinny vs Blayne - Rough & Ready 88

$ 31.25

As Blayne prepares to do battle with the massive and muscular Vinny in this Thunders Arena matchup, he immediately drops to his knees, seemingly to beg for mercy.  Sunddenly Blayne jumps up and charges the Vinny in an attempt to catch him off guard. Un-phased, Vinny grabs Blayne by the neck and turns him upside down into an inverted reverse bearhug, wrapping his massive arms and squeezing, toying with him before tossing him to the ground.

Blayne opts for the brute force approach, charging Vinny yet again, only to get driven face first down into the mat. The arrogant Vinny locks on a tight front facelock with one massive arm, flexing his massive bicep in a true display of cockiness, adding insult to injury verbally blasting Blayne for being too weak to break out and trapped in a hold he should know how to counter. He squeezes the hold tighter and tighter, driving Blaynes face violently down into the mat. 

Clubbing Blayne in the back to soften him up, Vinny pulls him to his feet only to knock him back down with a vicious short arm clothesline. With Blayne cowering on the canvas, Vinny traps his arm between his massive thighs and sits back, applying a painful armbar submission, aggressively proclaiming, "I'm gonna snap your little twig arm off!"

Simply toying with his outmatched opponent, Vinny locks in a brutal full nelson, pushing Blaynes head forward as is he's trying to remove it from his shoulders, and going on a verbal diatribe, insulting Blayne while simultaneously twisting his upper body into a pretzel of pain. Vinny poses over his beaten down foe, flexing his massive chest and arms while reminding Blayne that he's "just a little twerp". 

The one man posedown continues as Vinny showcases his physique over Blayne, exclaiming "I love being big and powerful!" and telling the semi-conscious Blayne the he "needs more training".  Still having fun dominating his opponent, Vinny wakes Blayne up simply to inflict more punishment, scooping him high overhead and slamming him hard down on the canvas. As Blayne struggles to regain his composure, Vinny grabs him in a powerful bearhug, and actually forces the agonizing Blayne to admire his massive pecs as he is crushed in the hold. He hoists Blayne higher and tightens his grip around his waist, squeezing with all of his might leaving Blayne gasping for breath in between agonizing groans. 

Seeing an opportunity and seizing it, Blayne lands a stiff punch below the belt, putting Vinny on the defense for the first time in this matchup. Showing some impressive power of his own, Blayne manages to scoop the monstrous Vinny up and onto his shoulders. Ever the aggressor, Vinny fights his way out and locks Blayne in a brutal Full Nelson with a body scissors, ripping and stretching Blayne into pure agony. Turning the aggression up even more, Vinny traps Blaynes head in between his massive thighs, squeezing him like a watermelon. Blayne taps, but thats not good enough for Vinny, who opts to put his foe out cold. 

Loosening the hold slightly, Vinny wakes Blayne up again, only to lock in the vicious head scissors again even tighter, this time sitting up and forcing the dominated Blayne to kiss his bulging bicep as he flexes in his face. Unrelenting still, Vinny grabs a surfboard stretch, further punishing to pulverized pectorals of Blayne before leaving him wither in pain to flex his massive muscles triumphantly yet again. 

The domination continues as Vinny comes up from behind and applies a forceful hammerlock, pulling at the shoulder of the brutalized Blayne in an attempt to dislocate his arm. Ripping viciously at Blaynes shoulder with one arm, he grabs ahold his trap muscle painfully with an agonizing claw hold with the other. Vinny continues to talk down to his opponent before locking in a sleeper hold and riding him down onto the mat and into unconsciousness. Still toying with Blayne, Vinny scoops up his legs, lifting them upward, almost hanging him upside down, and shakes him, jolting him awake and right into another lung collapsing bear hug. After softening Blayne up using his unbelievable power to squeeze him to the brink of submission, Vinny grabs Blayne by the throat with both hands and viciously chokes his foe before grabbing him in another sleep hold, this time mounting his barely breathing adversary. On top of Blaynes back, Vinny locks the hold in deeper, squeezing his forearm and prominent bicep around Blaynes neck while using the other arm to push his head forward, effectively cutting off the blood supply. Sliding his arms behind his back, Vinny rips and torques and Blaynes already damaged shoulders before pulling him back to his feet to further the embarrassment with yet another devastating sleeper hold. The pain and torture is apparent on Blaynes face as he visually  contemplates just how much more he can take.