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Drew Harper vs Slayer - Rough & Ready 149

$ 25.00
$ 25.95

"They call me slayer because I am about to slay your ASS on this mat! You are a ken doll and I'm about to play with you!" Slayer comes at Drew Harper ready to rumble! Drew Harper is here to teach the rookie a lesson and grips him in a bearhug! He squeezes Slayer's ribs making the rookie yell in pain. Drew Harper drops on top of Slayer and locks him in a brutal full nelson. To Drew's surprise, Slayer flexes his chiseled pecs and breaks out of the hold! He snatches Drew's ankle in his hands and twists it as hard as possible! Slayer drags Drew by his ankles across the mat. Drew uses his power to break out and stretch Slayer out in a dragon sleeper. Slayer fights but begins to pass out! Is the rookie Slayer already about to be put to sleep?

Drew slams his fist into Slayer's back! Slayer is pissed now! He lifts Drew up over his shoulders and squats him over and over. Slayer slams him down on the mat and cranks Drew's shoulders back in a TIGHT full nelson! He trots around the mat pulling harder and harder while Drew pleads for Slayer to make the pain stop! Slayer keeps torturing Drew more and more using a brutal face first head scissors pulling Drew's face deeper and deeper into his thighs! Drew fights for air as his face turns red and he slowly passes out.

Drew has had enough of the rookie at this point and hits him with a HARD LOW BLOW! Anger flashes across Drew's face and he shoves his heel right into Slayer's balls! While Slayer is down, Drew sits on his chest and flexes in a schoolboy pin. Slayer can't take all 220 lbs of Drew smashing his chest! He fights to keep conscious! When Slayer stops talking, Drew uses a ball claw to wake him up. Slayer wakes up and Drew uses a reverse head scissors to make the rookie tap out. Will Slayer tap to Drew Harper's torturous move?

The match gets intense when both wrestlers decide to start fighting with dirty moves. Fans of these moves will be on the edge of their seat:

Dirty moves (Ball Claws, Wedgies, Ass slaps, and more)

Full Nelsons

Over the Knee Backbreakers

Gut Punches

HARD Chest Slaps

Plenty Lift and Carry Power Moves