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Scrappy v Texas Part 2 - No Holds Barred 167

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

NHB fans, prepare to witness one of the DIRTIEST matches we have ever filmed! "Two time national champ, two time state champ, I'm not scared of anyone that comes in here!" declares Texas. Out of nowhere, Scrappy sneaks up with a vicious dirty trick parading the muscle hunk around the mat, "Why don't you shut up! You're my b**** now! All those championships don't help you now; do they?" Texas begs for mercy, "Let go!" before he's LAUNCHED face first to the mat and stomped in the ribs. The devious vet circles his fallen prey delivering another dirty trick and rolls him over for a RIB-CRUSHING body scissors! "You got some nice legs!" groans Texas struggling to breathe. "You got a little big since last time we wrestled. I expected more out of you!" taunts Scrappy as he wraps his bulging bicep around the champion's throat SQUEEZING every last breath from his lungs letting him go before he passes out! Texas struggles to his feet clutching his aching neck and takes the vet down with a sleeper of his own, "See it doesn't feel good!" Scrappy gasps for air as the muscle beast rubs and admires his washboard abs, "Damn, that is good!" before unleashing a TEXAS-SIZED dirty trick! The vet howls in agony as the muscle beast rolls him to his belly, digs his foot in his back, and YANKS back on his arms nearly pulling them out of socket! "Screw you!" screams Scrappy. "Screw me?" Texas locks in a torturous hold folding the vet's leg over and pulls on his arm! "That hurts man!" Barely moving, Scrappy is rolled into a tight cradle but escapes with a dirty trick. "You got a little bit bigger, but you ain't too big for me!" The vet drags Texas to his feet in a tight full nelson and transitions to a powerful belly to back bearhug lifting him as he moans in pain! Desperate to break free, the muscle beast grabs Scrappy's leg tripping him to the mat for an EXCRUCIATING leg lock! "Ahh my leg, I think you're gonna break it!" The vet is in agony as Texas squeezes tighter, "Come on bro, just tap!" Scrappy refuses and battles back with a brutal low blow setting the muscle beast up for a BACK-BREAKING Boston crab. In agony, Texas smacks the vet's glutes sending him into a rage, "Smack my a**? You're my b****!" The dirty tricks get even more intense as the brutal back and forth battle continues: double pec claws, belly to belly bearhug, hair pulling, bodyslam, a torture rack! A massive takedown leads to a GROIN-BREAKING leg stretch as Scrappy screams in utter agony! "I'm gonna make you do the splits! I like it when you're in pain!" laughs Texas. The vet peels himself up off the mat barely getting to his feet but hungry for revenge! Incredibly, Scrappy takes the muscle beast down and wraps him up in a vicious figure four leg lock! "My knee!" The pressure builds as Texas screams in pain and feverishly taps out! "You think I'm gonna let you out? Tap again!" orders the devious Scrappy before finally letting his victim go. "Big Texas can't handle a little professional wrestling?" A fire ignites inside the muscle beast as he lifts the vet in a massive UPSIDE DOWN belly to back bearhug, "I'm gonna break your ribs!" "No man please!" Scrappy begs, but it does no good as a vicious dirty trick and PILEDRIVER have him crumbling to the mat barely moving! Texas continues with a crushing head scissors and ball & chain, as the vet taps out. "Looks like we're pretty even now!" "I always win!" declares Scrappy. An intense mercy challenge leads to even dirtier tricks as both muscle hunks try and rip each other apart! A KNOCK OUT PUNCH sends Texas crashing to the mat as Scrappy heads inside returning with his secret weapon, the 265lbs muscle monster Bull! Texas is woken up as panic sweeps across his face, "Who are you?" "Meet my big friend! He's gonna take care of you!" Hold on tight as the final moments lead up to one of the CRAZIEST finishes you have ever seen!