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Texas v Sparrow - No Holds Barred 171

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

Get ready for one wild ride as EXTREME muscle worship is back! "Is Mike here? I'm looking for him." Sparrow storms in the bedroom bothering a confused Texas, "Who are you?" Insulted, the vet pushes back, "You gotta know who Sparrow is if you're in this company. I'm wrestler in Minnesota, 3-time state champion! You new here or something?" Sparrow begins smacking the muscle beast's glutes. "Never heard of him!" Furious, the vet locks on a vicious dirty trick and DRAGS Texas out of the room, "Come here boy!" The camera pans to the living room as Sparrow flies through the air crashing down on the couch. "Grab me?!?" Texas WRENCHES the vet's arm back, smacks his beefy glutes, and wraps his bulging bicep around his throat stretching him out, "How's that feel?" "Who is this pretty boy?" groans Sparrow as he's rolled to the floor for more torture. The dominant Texas unleashes his bag of dirty tricks, "Stretch that out nice and tight!" "You don't have to be so rough!" pleads Sparrow pinned down as he worships his captor's beefy pecs, "What's your favorite chest workout?" "F***ing people up from Minnesota!" Straining, the vet finally breaks away and pins the beast to the ground, "Look at those sexy abs! Sorry, when I get turned on, I get pretty aggressive!" Sparrow vigorously runs his hands all over his tan prize as he struggles to escape, "I'm gonna get out of this!" "Where you going big boy?" A scuffle on the floor has Texas breaking free lifting the vet across his burly chest and SLAMS him on the couch! "You're strong bro!" gasps Sparrow trying to catch his breath as the behemoth takes him down for a BACK-BREAKING camel clutch yanking his hair as he screams in pain! Back in charge, the dominant Texas hurls his motionless victim back on the couch nearly knocking it over and goes to town on the Minnesotan! The beast pulls down his singlet exposing his tiny posers, titty twisters his thick chest, and worships his pecs and legs with his meathook hands, "That's nice!" "We don't need Mike anymore!" Texas pulls Sparrow to his feet for a quick rear bearhug and ATOMIC WEDGIE exposing his beefy backside! The back and forth action heats up: shoulder carries, mid-air muscle worship, glutes smacking, wedgies, brutal bearhugs! Things get so intense that Sparrow is TOSSED over a couch and crashes to the floor writhing in pain as he tries to crawl away. "Where you going huh?" asks the behemoth stalking his injured prey. "Let me go!" moans the vet as he's mercilessly hoisted up in a TORTURE RACK and carried back to the room where he's slammed on the bed. Things get hot and heavy as both studs roll around mounting each other for muscle worship and delivering dirty tricks, titty twisters, ball and chain, bearhugs, a Saturday night ride! "You're tougher than I though you would be. I like someone with a fight!" moans Sparrow. With his victim winded, Texas wraps his quads of steel around the vet in a SKULL-SPLITTING standing head scissors, "Why don't you feel those abs!" Helpless to escape, Sparrow obeys as the beast takes him down for a grueling leg sleeper. In agony, the Minnesotan summons enough strength to break away and mounts his captor's beefy chest, "You're so big and powerful; turns me on just holding you down!" Laid out, Texas taunts the old vet, "You can barely do it; I'm letting you!" A devious grin sweeps across Sparrow's face, "I don't wanna pin you. I wanna keep wrestling, go into overtime!" Hold on tight: extreme muscle worship, an over-the-knee back breaker, crushing body scissors, and some of the DIRTIEST tricks you have ever seen! Sparrow narrowly escapes the bedroom looking for Mike, but the dominant Texas is hot on his trail. You won't believe what happens next!