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Texas vs Blayne & Van Acker - Custom Video Series 95

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

"You smell like fresh meat! Get in here, strike a pose, and very slowly kiss your bicep then kiss the other one!" Blayne flexes his chiseled frame teaching the rookie the way to get to the top is flexing. "I'm surprised you can even reach that!" jokes Van Acker following his advice as Texas walks in circling the duo, "What are y'all doing?" PISSED at the interruption, Blayne confronts the muscle beast, "I'm showing him how to be a great wrestler! Have you ever flexed in Thunders? It separates the men from the boys!" Hungry for a beatdown, Texas sets his sights on the fresh meat ready to throw down, "Doesn't look like you're showing him much! New guy, think you can take me?" A reluctant Van Acker hesitates as Blayne coaches him from the sidelines, "I know he's a little bigger, but you got your flex down! Look at him; he's been eating biscuits!" Texas barrels in dragging the rookie to his knees and GATOR ROLLS him over for a cross-body pin stretching out his legs as he groans in pain! "Maybe I sent you out a little too soon! Do something!" yells Blayne. "This guy ain't got s**t!" mocks the beast turning Van Acker over for an ATOMIC WEDGIE as he howls in agony crawling to the vet for protection, "I was not ready for that!" "What are you doing? You were in there 20 seconds! I'm gonna take care of this for you!" Blayne puffs out his chest standing toe to toe with the muscle beast. "Think you can take me?" "Damn right Texas, I'm gonna show you a thing or two!" A chest bump from Blayne sends the big man into a rage as he lifts the vet in a massive fireman's carry VIOLENTLY shaking him up and down! "I'm sorry about the biscuits comment!" groans Blayne as Texas tries breaking his back across his shoulders, "You're gonna be sorry! I'm gonna bend you!" Powerless to escape, the big man drops to his knees LAUNCHING his victim across the mat in an over-the-shoulder takedown. The beast is just getting started and pins the vet's arms behind his back rolling him on top of his beefy frame, "You're not even putting up a fight! You can't get out!" taunts Texas. "Be careful with my shoulders!" pleads Blayne struggling in the tight embrace as the devious beast lets go grabbing the vet's arm between his own legs forcing him UPSIDE DOWN. "Acting like you're all tough!" taunts Texas lifting up on Blayne's arm as he screams in agony crumbling to the mat! Barely moving, the beast straddles his helpless prey and delivers a BACK-BREAKING camel clutch! "Van Acker, I need you!" Out of nowhere, a surprise kick from the rookie sends everyone crashing down. "Turn him over; we'll double team!" coaches Blayne as a 2 on 1 battle breaks out! The tag team struggles to contain the muscle beast grabbing his powerful legs and gut punches his ripped abs. "Double team me?" Texas EXPLODES in a fit of rage, grabbing the tag team in crushing side headlocks and bulldogs their skulls into the mat, "I'm sorry!" Barely conscious, Blayne is picked up across his shoulders as Texas digs his foot in Van Acker's back and abs CRUSHING him into the mat! "Like all that weight? Want me to put you down?" "Yes please!" The dominant beast rears back and drops the vet on top of the rookie knocking the air from their lungs as they writhe in pain. "What are we gonna do man?" moans Van Acker as Texas plants his foot on the pile of broken muscle DRIVING them into the ground! "Trust me, pay attention!" whispers Blayne as a vicious low blow sends the big man crashing down, and the tag team begins their BRUTAL assault: elbow drop, grueling leg stretches, dirty tricks, chest chops, stomps to the groin! "Ahh my crotch, freakin cheap!" screams Texas unable to move. "You thought you were all big huh?" taunts Van Acker. "That's how we do it!" flexes Blayne. The ruthless tag team drags the injured beast to his feet taking him out with another low blow as their punishment continues: titty twisters, dirty tricks, armpits and feet to the face! "Mercy, mercy!" groans Texas crumbling to the mat totally winded. "You didn't see this one coming did you!" taunts Van Acker. "He's done!" The tag team flexes for the camera as the ANGRY beast secretly rises from the ashes behind them, "You know the problem about cheap shots? You gotta make sure the guy is fully passed out!" Texas drops the tag team with massive low blows and UNLEASHES his power: agonizing stretch, titty twisters, stomps to the groin, armpits and feet to the face! "Blayne what's going on?" screams Van Acker barely moving. "I'm sorry!" groans the vet helpless to escape the destruction! It all boils down to a KNOCK-OUT you won't see coming and a secret surprise ending!