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Texas vs Cash - No Holds Barred 160

$ 25.00
$ 25.95

"You ready to be my b**** Mr. Texas? Looks like you've been skipping the gym; tighten them titties!" mocks Cash flopping his opponent's beefy pecs. Texas isn't intimidated, "You look like a Ken doll. It's not about the muscles; when it comes to the mat, it's all about the moves!" The titans lock up as Cash is slammed face first to the mat and GATOR ROLLED by big Texas. He struggles to keep the vet down as Cash breaks away mounting his chest and pins back his arms, "Put you in your place! Where's those muscles at? Get up boy!" Cash yanks Texas up by his hair and wraps his bulging bicep around his throat in a sleeper as he struggles to breathe. The muscle beast finally escapes with a massive takedown and crossbody pin, "Let me crank that neck! You give?" demands Texas. "Never!" groans Cash. A brutal dirty trick has the vet howling in pain, but he still refuses to submit. Cash recovers and battles back taking Texas down in a grueling ab stretch with his quads wrapped tight around his waist, "Stretch those abs you gotta work on! How you like that?" The muscle hunk groans in pain desperately trying to roll out, "Ahh! It's tight, it's really deep!" Cash fights to hold the big man down but lets him go dropping him face first to the mat. Incredibly, Texas springs up surprising the vet with a takedown and rolls him in a cradle so tight Cash is eating his knees! "Get out of that!" taunts the beast as his victim's face turns red from the INTENSE pressure. Texas rolls the vet over for a body scissors but is met with a brutal dirty trick! "Better think twice, before you try and mess with me!" flexes Cash. The muscle hunk wants revenge delivering an over the shoulder takedown and wraps the vet up in a tight headlock, "Not so strong now!" Cash's face is buried deep in Texas's chest as he escapes with another dirty trick. The back and forth struggle continues with a brutal Boston crab, pec claws, massive leg stretches! These hunks are out to DESTROY each other as they drip with sweat and fight to the point of pure exhaustion. "That's it!" Texas lifts the vet across his back shaking him until Cash reaches up from behind with a brutal dirty trick! The muscle hunk is in agony unable to move as Cash quickly picks him up across his burly chest slamming him down, "You're a little heavier than you look!" Their test of strength doesn't end there as both goliaths exchange BACK-BREAKING belly to belly bearhugs squeezing each other as hard as they can as they groan in pain! Pound for pound, both are evenly matched and fight to make each other tap out or pass out. A brutal arm bar, vicious banana split, crushing head scissors, ab stretch, pec claws, gut punches, and loads of dirty tricks lead to a DEVASTATING finish, "Slowly but surely, you'll be dreaming of me, night night!"