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Texas vs Hero - Bodybuilder Battle 163

$ 22.22
$ 25.95

"I can take on anybody; no one's here to help you!" taunts Hero CRUSHING Scrappy's skull in a viselike headlock. Barely conscious, the vet pleads for rescue, "Cameraman, help!" as Texas springs into action LEVELING the muscle beast with a massive forearm to the back. "I got you Scrappy! What the f**k? Let's see if you can take on someone who's actually wrestled!" challenges the southern hunk as Scrappy escapes. "Cheap shot!" groans Hero rising to his feet as Texas barrels in with a tight full nelson and RIB-CRACKING belly to back bearhug, "Come on, get out of it!" Shaken up and down, the shredded beast groans in pain gasping for air and is slammed to the mat; his wrist nearly broken as he's rolled into a GROIN-SPLITTING leg stretch! "Scrappy's gonna pay for this!" screams Hero barely able to stand. "He tapped like four times, and you kept going!" defends Texas as the titans tie up again battling for control. Hero wraps his powerful pythons around his prey in a massive full nelson DRIVING his face into the mat with his hold locked in tight. "F**k you!" groans the southern hulk stretched to his limits. "Jump in like that, you made the wrong mistake today!" threatens Hero letting go as Texas pounces taking out his legs of steel rolling him to his belly. A devilish grin sweeps across the vet's face digging his foot in the beast's chiseled back YANKING his arms nearly out of socket! Hero's torture continues: a brutal arm bar/half nelson combo using his leg and thunderous bodysplash leaves a pile of rock-hard muscle motionless on the mat. "How'd that feel? Hero, that's what they call you? Guess I'm the villain then!" taunts Texas rolling his victim in a TIGHT cradle for a pin: one, two! "You'll never pin me!" yells Hero narrowly kicking out. Back on their feet, the southern hulk runs his hands over the rock-hard behemoth as he flexes, "You're pretty f***ing jacked!" Distracted, Texas wrangles his prey in the same powerful full nelson taking his hold down to the mat and CLAWS his beefy pec. "Is that all you got? I thought you boys were supposed to be strong where you're from? Give you a little southern style a** whooping!" threatens Hero powering out lifting the 220lbs hunk in crushing rear bearhug. The intense struggle sends both titans crashing down as Texas delivers a CRIPPLING camel clutch, "This is your go to, isn't it? The one I see you do in all your matches! Doesn't feel so good, does it?" Hero screams in pain; his shredded frame seconds away from RIPPING apart as a forearm to the skull nearly knocks him out. "Is that what you've been doing, cameraman, watching our moves? Is it cuz you're jealous; waiting for your own time to come up on top?" mocks Hero dropping down for a quick pump with some push ups. The 220 pounder sits on the beast's back and is easily pressed up and down. "Light work, you ain't nothing but a hay bale with legs!" "I bet I was!" Full of rage, Texas jumps up and drops all his weight on Hero's back CRUSHING him into the ground as he groans in agony peeling himself off the mat. Hungry for payback, the shredded beast POUNDS away on the cameraman's abs with a barrage of brutal gut punches as he struggles to stay on his feet, "F**k man, that hurt!" "You'll get used to it, and then you'll maybe wake up some day with abs!" mocks Hero flexing his shredded abs as a vicious low blow sends him crumbling down straight into a grueling full nelson/scissor combo. "My abs are stretching!" screams the beast. "Let's test them out!" taunts the ruthless Texas HAMMERING away on his prey's chiseled abs as maniacal laughter fills the arena. "Why are you laughing?" "Cuz I can take it; that's why!" taunts Hero. His blood boiling, Texas wraps his bulging bicep around the beast's throat rolling him into a RIB-SHATTERING body scissors. "You can't take that; us Texan boys got the power in the legs!" Face down, Hero screams in agony clawing at the mat and barely escapes his impending doom striking with a massive elbow drop. "How's the floor look?" Struggling to breathe, Texas is wrapped in a vicious guillotine choke; his skull driven into the ground with a DDT flipping him onto his back! Hero straddles his barely conscious victim flexing his rock-hard frame as the southern hulk grabs handfuls of his quads of steel, "Damn bro, those are nice!" "They don't make those in Texas!" A massive mercy challenge leads to an ALL-OUT WAR as these titans try to tear each other apart: elbow drop, fireman's carry, breath-taking belly to belly bearhugs, low blow, double hammerlock, a grueling over-the-knee back breaker. "My spine's breaking!" Screams of pain and cries for mercy end in a HEART-STOPPING finish you will not believe!