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Zman Cyrax arm lock body scissors abs pecs

Zman vs Cyrax & Tony vs Silverback - Mat Wars 17

$ 30.00

Zman vs Cyrax

Wow! Is this the match you have been waiting for! Cyrax is an all american college wrestler who has been watching Zman wrestle for us. He could NOT take any more of Zman running at the mouth and wrote in to us if we could use someone to "SHUT Z-MAN UP!" We have had many fans write in that they would LOVE to see someone make Zman shut up. Well Cyrax likes to inflict pain and wanted to teach Zman a lesson. He told me before we started filming that he was going to make Zman be TOTALLY QUIET and not say a WORD when he is tapping out or he is not going to let him out of the submission hold. That's right no matter how much Zman screams for mercy, Cyrax held him in submission hold after submission hold telling him he wasn't going to let him out of it until Zman totally shut his mouth and and was silent, just tapping, no talking! Zman is dominated and put in a world of hurt with bearhugs, choke lift over head, choke slams, camel clutch, body scissors, choke holds, and a vicious rack. Cyrax is one fierce competitor that will not be denied!


Tony vs Silverback

Silverback is our new 6'2 and 245 pound monster of a man! He comes to us with one year of MMA trainning and he grew up in one of the toughest neighborhoods in Miami. He had to fight to survive on the streets to get respect. Silverback is all arrogant thinking he can take Tony because he saw how bad Johnny Bravo beat Tony so he has no respect for Tony's wrestling skills. What Silverback did not expect is Tony has been hitting the gym, lifting hard and heavy, and trainning with one of the best MMA fighters here in Florida, so now Tony's back better than ever and the battle is ON! This match is a lot of ground work, great submission holds in "the guard" with one of the coolest variations of a camel clutch we have ever seen! Silverback has such RAW POWER that while in the camel clutch Tony is cranking on his neck. Silver back just slowly gets up and lifts Tony into the air to counters the move while still being trapped in it!!!! I've never seen a counter out of a camel clutch like this on film. Plus you have all your favorite power moves like bearhugs and body slams and Tony is no light weight he lifts up Silverback a few times for slams like he's 245 pounds of nothin'! So who is going to win? College wrestling skills of Tony or the RAW POWER of Silverback slaming and jamming Tony to the ground...