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Toros vs Bronco - No Holds Barred 254

$ 29.89
$ 34.75


Introducing: Toros - 5'9" 250 lbs 

Is Toros Ready for this rodeo? Bronco flashes across the mat and snatches Toros into a LONG, INTENSE chest to chest bearhug. Toros struggles under the massive arms and chest of Bronco. Once Bronco has proved his point, he throws Toros to the mat like a chump. Bronco flexes but Toros shows he is here to win when he jumps off the mat and takes Bronco down. He slams all 250 lbs of muscle on top of Bronco and flexes. Not to be outdone, Bronco flips the behemoth over and flexes for himself. 

A classic wrestling scramble ends with Bronco riding Toros in a Boston Crab submission. Toros fights out before Bronco snaps his lower back and ties Bronco up on the feet. The impact of all the muscle on these two colliding sends both bodybuilders back to the mat! Exhausted and sweaty, neither Bronco nor Toros is willing to give an inch in a back and forth of:

Hard Gut Punches!

DEEP Submission Holds!

Actual REAL Wrestling Scrambles!

And Dirty Tactics like Eye Rakes and Low Blows!

The match heats up when Bronco shifts gears when he gets tired. Bronco wants to lure Toros into a less intense muscle worship match, but Toros is not going to have that in his debut match! He continues pounding into Bronco with bearhugs and over the knee backbreakers. That is until Bronco decides he has had enough of the rookie beating on him. Bronco counters and finds himself the one smashing into Toros now! Grunts and agonizing yells echo through the room as the intensity soars to new levels of struggle! 

Toros makes his incredible debut and possibly puts on the MATCH OF THE YEAR here against a tan, shredded Bronco at his best! Download today and see why this match is so great!