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Meaty vs Gohan - Bodybuilder Battle 185

$ 31.25

Big vs little

6'1" 230 lbs. vs 5'6" 155 lbs.

Get ready for an electrifying showdown as Gohan and Meaty collide in the ring! The tension is high as Gohan launches a barrage of insults and shoves, but Meaty remains cool, collected, and determined to stand his ground against the new challenger.

The action explodes as Gohan jumps at Meaty, but Meaty CATCHES HIM IN MID-AIR WITH A CHOKING GRIP! Despite passing out, Gohan quickly springs back to life and is lifted into a fireman's carry by the powerhouse Meaty. But Gohan won't go down that easily and fights tooth and nail to escape Meaty's grasp. Until, he decides to get down and dirty with a vicious ball claw attack that sends Meaty crashing to the mat!

But Meaty isn't one to be underestimated, he rises to his feet and lifts Gohan up once again for a bone-crunching over the knee backbreaker! Despite his confidence, fear is evident on Gohan's face as Meaty dominates the match with brutal head scissors, pec claws, and bearhugs.

The new guy is begging for mercy, but with no other choice, Gohan fights back with dirty tactics. He takes Meaty down and stretches him to the limit, locking in leg scissors and sleeper holds. But Meaty refuses to be humiliated and tears into Gohan with relentless force! The match takes a surprising twist as Gohan counters Meaty and locks in a tight submission move!

The power struggle between these two warriors reaches a shocking climax as they battle for air, determination, and control in a match you won't want to miss!"