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Turbo Frey Leglock leg hold submissiom submit pain torture

Turbo vs Frey - Mat Rats 62

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Turbo is a brand new wrestler here at Thunders, and Frey is getting hyped up introducing him to everyone! Turbo's enjoying all the praise he's getting from Frey when Frey comes from behind for a surprise attack. He gets Turbo up into a painful bearhug, crushing the air out of him. Frey's much bigger than Turbo and it's easy for him to crush the smaller Turbo. Frey drops him down into the mat and maneuvers him into a bow and arrow, pulling him from all angles. Turbo's struggling against Frey but he's just too strong and he's not able to break free. Once Frey lets him go he picks him up into a fireman's carry, walking around the mat stretching Turbo as he goes. Frey's excited to have some fresh meat he can show off all his moves with and torture. He puts him into an ab stretch and really starts to put the pain on Turbo. This is a quick, fast paced match of non stop action. Frey is having a blast with Turbo, picking him up and putting him into a variety of painful holds and moves. Turbo wasn't chosen to be a new wrestler here at Thunder's for no reason however, he's just been biding his time waiting for Frey to wear himself out before he starts his comeback. What sort of trouble has Frey gotten himself into? Buy today to find out.