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Iceman18 has put in A LOT OF WORK since you last saw him! With his eyes now on becoming the newest Thunders Arena IFBB Pro, he is competing and is absolutely in the best shape you have ever seen him. The newest rookie sensation, Ashton89, comes in amazing shape and just as shredded as before. 

Starting poolside, friendly banter quickly breaks out into a scuffle with both wrestlers trying to gain an upper hand. The smaller Ashton89 is being battered by the competition ready Iceman18 and must turn to his charm in order to stay in the fight. Pushing his opponent against the wall, Iceman18 beats on Ashton89's abs until he is satisfied with his punishment. A bearhug battle breaks out as both men relocate each other to the inside mat. Things heat up as Iceman18 becomes agitated when Ashton89 won't shut up. A full range of moves are broken out by both men including submissions, bearhugs, headscissors, and a few dirty tricks. Will Iceman18 get the peace and quiet he demands, or will Ashton89 keep running his mouth?