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Double leg grape vine Thunders arena

Clark vs Duke - No Holds Barred 92

$ 25.95
$ 31.59

Warning this has some intense muscle worship sessions with the wrestling.

Duke is warming up on the mat, getting a pump on when he’s suddenly joined by Thunder’s newest recruit, Clark! The rookie is impressively built with muscles bulging as he performs push-ups.  Clark knows that a wrestler has to make a name for himself if he wants to make it, and he figures that defeating Duke would be a pretty good start to that!  Clark challenges Duke to an arm-wrestle, a challenge that Duke readily accepts!  The two face each other, elbows on the mat and hands clasped as they each work to put the other over - biceps bulge and strain as the two bodybuilders battle, but Duke manages to take the first round!  Clark immediately says to go again, this time with the other arm.  Clark’s biceps are freakin’ HUGE!  The two stand and flex their physiques, admiring and respecting the results of all that hard work in the gym!  They can’t keep their hands off each other, flexing and feeling muscles (all of them!) as they both show off.  Duke looks incredible in tiny blue trunks that we usually see on Marco – Duke is definitely giving Marco a run for his money in the glutes stakes though!  The muscle worship continues as the two compare quads, lats and traps – worship gives way to ab bashing as the two men test each other out.  Suddenly Duke initiates a lock up and the match is on!

Duke gets the advantage, lunging in and wrapping his muscular arms around Clark for a bearhug – Duke plans to show the rookie what he’s in for!  Duke squeezes the musclestud, giving him a taste of his strength before, having made his point, Duke releases him down.  Clark is clearly impressed by what he sees, getting up close and personal as he explores Duke’s muscle.  But when Clark explores too far, Duke reaches down and clamps on a side headlock!  Clark retaliates by grabbing Duke’s balls!  Duke sends Clark to the mat and quickly steps over him for a Standing Head Scissor, his powerful quads putting the rookie through the wringer!  They lock up again, with Duke getting Clark down to the mat and pinning him with a Schoolboy Pin!  Clark is trapped with no place to go, but Duke isn’t satisfied with that – he spins around and traps Clark’s head between his vice-like quads!  Clark’s face is squashed between two pillars of granite!  Duke asks if Clark wants to give, but the rookie refuses!  The battle continues with bearhugs, scissors, slams, dirty moves and HUMILIATING pins!  Duke slaps on a Full Nelson, putting Clark’s body on display!

Pec claws, ball grabs, smothering pins and much more!  Can Clark upset the veteran in his debut match?  Or will Duke’s mat skill and muscle be too much for the rookie to handle?  Fans of muscle worship wrestling will be in their element!  Add this match to your collection today and say hello to musclestud Clark!