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Talon Wolf head scissors bicep flex arms

Talon vs Wolf - Mat Wars 60

$ 34.75

Wolf's been away for awhile, and he's back, with an entirely shaved body! He's showing off all of the bulking up he's done and all the new muscle you can see with the hair out of the way. They're flexing for each other and showing off when Talon surprises Wolf by jumping on him from behind. These guys are grappling on the mat for a bit before Talon manages to pick Wolf up over his shoulder. He doesn't have a great grip and Wolf wiggles free, they're immediately back at each other grappling around. Wolf flips Talon over and tries to pin him down, but he hasn't nearly tired Talon out enough for that yet. Talon knocks Wolf down and is able to pick him back up, this time all the way up into a crushing fireman's carry, he's got him across his back pulling hard across his entire body. He drops him down onto the floor and stands over him, crushing Wolfs torso in an iron gripping body scissors. Wolf is able to flip him over onto the mat and get on top of Talon. He picks him up by the legs and bends him over into a boston crab. Talon's screams in pain and Wolf has some mercy and lets him go pretty quick. Talon doesn't waste any time and whips around to throw Wolf down to the ground and step into his back in a surfboard, ripping Wolfs arms back behind him. He lets go of Wolf and wraps his arms around him into a choke hold. After squeezing some of the breath out of Wolf, he picks him up into a painful full nelson. Wolf's helpless, arms waving around over his head as he tries and tries to flex out of it. After a few attempts his strength helps him break his hold, he throws Talon against the wall and starts to throw some gut punches. Talon doubles over in pain onto the floor and Wolf gets on top of him and puts him into a killer neck scissors. Talon's been on a rampage and woking his way through all the Thunder's talent. Wolf is coming back to Thunder's beefed up and ready to go. Who's going to be walking away the champion of this match? Buy today to find out.