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Conan Frank the Tank bearhug pecs chest arms

Xavier vs Enzo & Frank the Tank vs Conan - Bearhug Challenge 04

$ 25.95

 Xavier vs Enzo 

Its nighttime by the swimming pool, and Xavier challenges handsome Enzo to a contest of endurance. The man who gets the most submissions by bear hug wins. Enzo accepts, even though hes quite a bit smaller than Xavier. Im gonna mop the floor with you, Enzo promises, with unwarranted self-confidence. Xaviers initial hug nearly squeezes the life out of Enzo, who resists giving up as long as possible, even though he is visibly weakening under the constant pressure. When Enzo gets the chance to reciprocate, his hug does not faze Xavier a bit. Xavier even whistles a short snatch of a tune just to illustrate how ineffectual Enzos bear hug is. Enzo smashes Xavier to a support beam in an effort to weaken the strong man and even the playing field to some extent. But there may be something to Xaviers claim that he cant be beat, and given Xaviers taste for smashing pretty young wrestlers to bits, Enzo may need to watch his step!

Frank the Tank vs Conan

International Edition! Big Sexy introduces this match, clearly favoring Frank the Tank, the brawny American, over Conan, the surrealistically pumped-up Australian challenger. These two wrestlers are built like a couple of Jeeps, so even before it starts, this promises to be a grueling contest, and it most definitely is! Following Sexys lead, Frank mocks Conans accent and threatens to send him packing down under in the handicapped section of the plane. But Conan has arms like a couple of saltwater crocodiles, so he may be more of a challenge than either Frank or Sexy expects. But Frank is not called the Tank for nothing either, and for sheer brute force the Arena has nobody tougher. He boasts, Nobody can break my grip, and its clear early on that the Aussie has no clue what hes getting into!