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Silas vs Zed - Mat Rats 163

$ 34.75

Silas decides to take the newest shredded wrestler, Zed, under his wing at Thunders Arena. He locks in a rear sleeper and tells Zed to tell him when it is too tight. But when Zed gives the signal, Silas does not let up. After rough sleeper, Silas plays it off as just messing around BUT WAS HE?! Silas yanks Zed into a chest to chest bearhug squeezing Zed until he painfully admits defeat! Zed takes his turn too though and smothers Silas in an agonizing bearhug! Silas is surprised by the strength of the rookie!

Zed has earned a little respect from Silas, but Silas is still cocky and obviously still believes he knows more about wrestling that Zed. But Zed snatches up Silas in a full nelson and slams him on the mat smacking his head and bouncing it off the ground! Zed then flexes and slowly walks up squeezing Silas's head between his sculpted quads. The rookie surprises everyone and pulls his leg up in a figure four! Where did Zed even learn that?!

After a while, the rookie Zed has owned Silas through the match! Zed gets arrogant and leans against the pillar and lets Silas punch him in the abs. Zed is not impressed and attacks Silas with a side headlock teaching him a lesson not to hit like a little bitch! 

Silas looks to have Zed right where he wants him in a TIGHT rear sleeper hold when suddenly Silas's eyes begin to roll back in his head and he starts to go limp! What is going on?! This move by Zed has Silas utterly impressed. So Silas knows what he has to do...he has to put the rookie in his place!

Will Silas put Zed in his place or will the rookie upset Silas in his debut match?